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FIFA 12 Official Thread

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Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

Defenders only today

and the guy who said he got normal Alves.

Bull S H you know where this is going.

cant get a Normal Player when he is Inform

Because i am so sad that im going to lie on a football forum of what i got in a computer game pack' date=' jesus christ what is the world coming too these days


Played with Casillas against my mate, was really impressed dived at lictually everything.. put him up for 825,000 so hopefully sells.. didnt sell first time when i put him at 880,000 :o[/center']

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Guest <klhepworth.

Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

Got David Silva 4-1-2-1-2 in one of the 25k packs last night, Michael Carrick was the best I got in the other:L

Anyway, selling all my players to avoid making a big loss with the prices crashing, just making money off those who are putting players on ridiculously low because they've over estimated the drop and selling to those who haven't realised;)

Should have around 130k once everything sell, sold Silva for 44.75k BiN, tried to undercut the market but not undersell, so happy with that, didn't realise quite how much I had so a nice surprise, going to try and keep making money. At the moment, I think 1k - 2.5k seems a decent little market, a lot of people are putting good players on for 1k and then you can pick up on the bid battle, got Higuain for 3.3k doing this, could have had a few others too, but I'm trying not to dive in because I'm just learning the markets again, haven't been on UT for a while. Anyone have any tips for other good markets to target?:)

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Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

Haven't played on my xbox in a while so decided to start a new Wigan save. Here's my results so far


1-0 Novara

1-2 Valencia

4-0 Freiburg


2-0 Wigan






Van Buyten

Gone for some cheap options, got around 5 million left going to try to sign a decent striker maybe Henry for 6 million if I can generate the funds.

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