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Re: Setup Forum

i think within a custom setup there should be a forum for all that are in the setup' date=' so that the admin can post a message for all in the setup or post different rules and transfers within the forum[/quote']

People who have a custom set-up can make their own thread in the match report/news/transfer section which is on this forum. Personally I don't see the advantage of having a forum per custom set-up when people can just post it on this forum.

I don't know if there is an option for this but if the owner of the set-up wants to get in touch with managers what about the owners having the ability to send PM's to everyone in the set-up?.

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Re: Setup Forum

i think within a custom setup there should be a forum for all that are in the setup' date=' so that the admin can post a message for all in the setup or post different rules and transfers within the forum[/quote']I think this is a great idea, but not a feasible one as the other lads mentioned as there would be so many making it tough to control the content (the old notice board was abused for instance, when people could put anything they liked). The match report sections on the forum are really popular though, as has been mentioned, and come very recommended if you want to get a bit of banter/competition going between yourself and others in your setup.

SM are looking at improving the community side of things though by introducing a better 'media' section. Quote below from one of the SM dev's:

we had a full staff meeting to discuss ideas/improvements for the site which we can implement over the next 12 months. One or two of those ideas will be in Febs news letter.

I am not going to list all of the ideas/improvements on here as my post would get two big (but I have a five page document of things to work on).

Some of you may or many not be aware that we are currently redeveloping the entire site to make it more user friendly and add more of a community feel to it. One of the ideas we had was to improve the newspaper section as this has been left to rot.

A newspaper along the lines of http://uk.cm-online.com/cmo-news/newspaper/readNewspaper?newspaperId=0 is not or never will work in SM. With CMO people pay a fee and there is no free game involved. So if they abuse the system they will get booted and lose their money (which isn't the case with our free game).

We want to develop our newspaper (which is discussed in this months newsletter) and we were thinking of having it along these lines:

• Newspaper: This is key to helping develop a community feel. To include the following:

1. Match Previews/Reviews: Managers will have the option (if reputation is over 60) to submit match previews/reviews (currently managers do this on the forum).

2. Automated Response Stories: Newspaper will also include more automate stories regarding transfers' date=' relegation/promotion etc and they will have set options to respond to.

3. Manager of week: Best performing manager for the week (based on number of factors) will be displayed in newspaper with option to add a few sentences.

4. Team of week: Computer automatically picks the best starting XI (for 442 formation) and displays same.

With having a newspaper based on the above, it will cut (or try to) silly posts from that section. Most managers who have a reputation over 60 are sensible (but not all are). If they abuse their privilage we will knock their reputation down to 30, and then they will have to wait weeks before they can post on it again.

There is no way on earth we could let people post what they want in a newspaper section, if people remember the notice board we had, then they will remember that a small minority abused this!

Plus there are well over 1,000 setups and it would take to long to police all the posts.[/quote']

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