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Yaroslav Rakytskiy

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Re: Yaroslav Rakytskiy

I was wondering if he has a chance of going to 90 in the next changes like the rest of the Shakhtar defence' date=' jumped up 2 last time to 89 so he must be holding down a first team place and doing well...

Thanks, Serg[/font']

he will rise to 90 for should, but dont expected to go higher at this current club; unless they doing very well in Europe

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Re: Yaroslav Rakytskiy

Any news on this guy? Is he likely to move this summer / in for a rise to 90?

According to El Mundo Deportivo, the cell recruitment FC Barcelona have checked the name of Yaroslav Rakitskiy Summer defensive reinforcement as possible. The strong international interest in Ukraine is not new. Rakitskiy had already caught the eye of the Catalan club in the confrontation between Shakhtar and Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2011. And if the Ukrainian club had a correction, several leaders of the Spanish club had cracked on the defender. But Barca has much to do because Bayern Munich is also on the spot to provide the services of Ukrainian contract until June 2015 with Shakhtar and estimated at around € 20 million.

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