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Demo Time-out.  

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Re: Demo Time-out.

I don't know how long it takes for someone to be automatically logged out but it is there for a reason. I can understand how it could be annoying to people who have to keep logging in, but like I said it is there for a reason, lets just say you are at school/college/work and you need to leave your computer, I don't think you would be wanting for the automatic log out to be any longer than it already is. But to be honest it wouldn't really affect me if they introduced a longer time out time so at the moment I'm undecided....

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Re: Demo Time-out.

If I get engrossed in the chat or forum' date=' then after a while, the game logs out and plays a demo. This can be irritating.

What is the current idle time limit before it logs out? Maybe it should be increased.[/quote']

yeah i think it can be quite irritating. So i'll agree with you lee and think it should be increased.

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