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New World Championship

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Re: New World Championship Maybe Ian could privately put a random number next to each team and we choose a number and get the team with that number? Eg. If I chose 17, and he put Sevilla as 17, the

Re: New World Championship If you only want to manage Madrid or Barca, go join a newly opening WC or EC. this game world is for people who want to join a busy game world. I for one would rather hav

Re: New World Championship Right. To all you newbies; Lay off. Stop demanding things. Ye are all a bunch of unrealistic selfish gits. It's Duffman, and Ian's set-up and idea, so just stop smooching

Re: New World Championship

yeah im just wanting to be in a new fully managed from day dot wc

not been one started since i joined really.

first one i got in(1st team managed) was 10688 fiorentina

which was pretty good timing really(joined like a day or so before i think) and that was pretty full for a while but now its dropping with only about 40-50 managers left(1 game left of 1st season)

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