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Tactical Help Needed!

TheMar AFc

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Ok , So long story short "I can't win" ..for the past two seasons i have won every single trophy with my Inter but now , in the third season I'm 10th after 15 turns..I've been using 3-5-2 with Short passing fast and through the middle..So..I'll just post my team and tell me if you can come up with a tactic..

Also I've recently swapped Ronaldo and Hummels for Messi ....

Here is the first team..

CECH, Petr Gk 29 94

COLE, Ashley LB 30 94

COENTRAO, Fábio LB/LM 23 91

ALVES, Dani RB/RM 28 95

VIDIC, Nemanja CB 29 96

PIQUE, Gerard CB 24 95

SUBOTIC, Neven CB 22 91

SONG, Alex DM/CB 23 91

KHEDIRA, Sami CM/DM 24 91

RAMIRES, Santos CM/RM 24 91

WILSHERE, Jack CM 19 89

INIESTA, Andrés AM/Wing 27 97

SNEIJDER, Wesley AM/CM 27 95

NASRI, Samir AM/Wing 23 93

PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 23 93

HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 20 91

MESSI, Lionel Fwd/AM 23 99

VILLA, David Fwd 29 96

ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 25 95

AGUERO, Sergio Fwd 23 94

NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/AM 19 89

Also Got other players out on loan , E.g Luiz , Henderson etc...and many more good youngster in my youth team

Thank you in advance..:D

Also, I would prefer a Tactic where 3 players are up front , but whatever suggestion i get will be listened to :D

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