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English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread

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Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! That's a funny way to spell Marcus Bent.

Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! 7777 United 8000 City Talk about quick fingers. Your missus must love you

Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Bolton get a well deserved 3-0 default win.... As Welsh teams shouldn't be playing in English Championships

Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT!

i kno gould is unable to reserve from a post in wc 11111.. i find it wrong though he should call that gameworld as im in there and many lads pre dealed who paid cash prior.. instead he should take it on the chin hes unable to reserve and just live with it.. no need to go to the extremes of pulling a quality gameworld down imo..

I called the GW because I'm using it as an example for where the pre-arranged deals happened. I didn't once say it's a rubbish set-up' date=' never said people should avoid the set-up, I just simply stated that the pre-arranged deals that took place in the set-up were in my opinion not a correct way to do business on the game. It spoils the beginning of the GW. If it had happened in other set-ups I'm in I'd have called them too because I think you learn from past mistakes. How many times have people mentioned the cursed WC11019 set-up! Should we call all of them rude? No, because they are constructively trying to improve the game and the experience other players have whilst on the site.

I think the fact that you have so far been the only user to say they are against there being no pre-arranged deals half proves my point. You pay for the guaranteed right to have the team you choose [b']once the set-up opens[/b]. I think people have in the past abused that as a way of doing deals prior to the opening time specified. Pre-arranged deals alienate a majority of the GW before it even starts, which in my opinion is a sure-fire way to dent the integrity of the set-up.

WC11111 is a good set-up, but the start was ruined for me and others by pre-arranged deals. I don't want a repeat of that in here.

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