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Few Exeter City players


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If you watched Oxford v Exeter yesterday you may agree with some of these :)

May I just add, what a great performance that was to get to the final ;)

First of all, Adam Stansfield.

He decreased to 69 last time, but boy has he put in some vital performances lately.

He scored the two goals that took us into the play offs and rescued us last night, is playing fantastically well.

Back up to 70 I think :-)

Will add some more tomorrow but can't right now because of fixtures :rolleyes:;)

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Re: Few Exeter City players

exeter are in the conference right?


Yeah but then again these guys are non-league.

Yes, but is there anything to say that non-league players cannot go up in rating :confused:

Anyway, the other players.

Jon Challinor - down to 68.

Doesn't start as much any more, mostly comes on as a sub, normally late on.

Lee Elam - up to 67/68

Since joining from Weymouth in January has put in some impressive and vital performances. Deserves more than a 66.

Steve Tully - up to 68

Has put in some vital performances lately, playing very well as well as hitting the decisive penalty against Oxford.

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