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LIGAT HA'AL young risers

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As i did for other countries, i'm going to list young low rated players from Israel League... Since the last review (August 2010) a whole league was played, so a lot of them can appreciably increase their rating.

As always, in each line will be indicated: name, age, rating, minutes played, appearences, appearences as starter and goals.

TAWATHA, Talb LB/LM 19 75, 1476 min 18 app 16 sta 1 goal

PILYAVSKY, Andriy DM/Def 22 77, 1440 min 16 app 16 sta

MARINKOVIC, Nenad AM/Fwd 22 76, 1136 min 13 app 13 sta 2 goals

MUGRABI, Firas Fwd 19 78, 2547 min 32 app 29 sta 3 goals

BEN HARUSH, Omri LB 21 76, 2185 min 26 app 25 sta

EZRA, Hen AM/Wing 22 78, 2128 min 28 app 23 sta 3 goals

MAMAN, Hanan RM/LM 21 75, 1861 min 29 app 22 sta sta 6 goals

LEVKOVICH, Rubi Gk 22 75, 2540 min 29 app 29 sta

BEKEL, Roe CM/RM 23 76 1460 min 23 app 22 sta 2 goals

DAVIDAZDE, Ofir LB 20 77, 2617 min 30 app 30 sta

GAVISH, Oded CB 22 76, 2527 min 29 app 28 sta 4 goals (wrong team)

EINBINDER, Dan CM 22 75, 1262 min 18 app 16 sta

ZAGURI, Israel AM/Wing 21 75, 2030 min 30 app 26 sta 2 goals

DAHAN, Rafael Wing/AM 21 75, 2160 min 30 app 23 sta 3 goals

AMBROSE, Efe Def/DM 22 77, 2758 min 31 app 31 sta 2 goals

KANNADIL, Mahmoud Gk 22 75 1637 min 19 app 18 sta

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Re: LIGAT HA'AL young risers

Tawatha, 75 rated, 19 years old, is the one (and probably the only) people should get. Played in last 16 games in the league for Maccabi Haifa, always as a starter and playing full 90mins (barely in the last game, got subbed at 83´), making a total of 1433minutes and even scoring a goal. His team, Maccabi Haifa, became Champion in Isreal and have some good rated players. So he should get a nice rise, around the 80mark, may get 82 if he´s lucky and SM feel generous. He already played for Israel NT. He´s a must buy imo. I dont think the other players are worthy, at least for my team, they will get small rises, cause their teams are very low rated, so they will give very low profit, if any. Ofc they can be good for PE deals with external teams, but that can be said about almost every player :P

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Re: LIGAT HA'AL young risers


Here we are with HA'AL revision.

Tawatha is probably the best prospect riser, as many reviewers were pointing out.

Rafael Dahan is now playing as starter @ Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of the strongest club in Israel: more than 2000 mins last year, this season 400 mins of E.L., So, I think he deserves a 80.

IMHO Einbinder, Levkovich and Maman have a good chance to reach 80+ rating, as well as Pylyavsky (now on loan @ Beitar Jerusalem).

Zaguri and Kannadil are so cheap and played a lot, although at small clubs. Especially Zaguri, he's playing as starter @ Bnei Yehuda on loan.

I don't think they can have more than +3, but who knows...

10k section Eli Zizov back to home and he finally get the rise we all waiting since the sporting braga expierence.

The only other one i can see is Barak Moshe, he actually played too few minutes but as he was sometimes on the bench he probably have a +5 this time. Just try it and bet this 10k

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Riferimento: Respuesta: LIGAT HA'AL young risers

Wiyam Amasha will rise? He's scored 5 goals in 2 matches

Yeah' date=' I didn't put him in the list as he's 26. Anyway [b']Wiyam Amasha[/b] scored 14 goals last season in a really weak club, Ironi Kiryat. During this season he scored NINE goals between League and E.L. Qualification. Among the other topscorers of the last season, there would be other risers i think, but they all move abroad: Ben basat (17 goals, 80 rated) to France, Roe Dayan (14 goals, 76 rated) to Belgium, Biton (12 goals, 80 rated) to Poland, Hemed (11 goals, 81 rated) to Spain etc.

Think tey all gonna rise, but when those countries will be reviewed.

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Riferimento: Respuesta: LIGAT HA'AL young risers


You should buy only Tawatha and Amasha.

nope. imho better zaguri and maman than amasha. I also think Levkovich is the best steam, as in this moment you can buy really cheaply as Maccabi PT has a 85 GK, but he's actually moved to another club in real life, so Levkovich will be really worthy in a P/E bid

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