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World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread



Barcelona's fans are shocked!

Messi on his way to Inter ?????

Inter manager is crazy in love with Messi, and made offer for Messi.

Barcelona manager will decide within hours whether accepted or not!

There are rumors that Sneijder, Eto'o, Santon, Coutinho can go the other way.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

A deal involving Real Madrid and Edison Cavani is in its final stages. Sources suggest that Karim Benzema could be going to Napoli in exchange for cash plus top transfer target Cavani. The deal is ezpected to go be concluded on Friday morning, barring an 11th hour bid from Dortmund, Barcelona, Inter or any of the vast group of interested clubs...

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Los Blancos Appoint Villas-Boas


(Villas-Boas Being Presented To The Journalists In Madrid)

Real Madrid has announced that André Villas-Boas will be their new manager following the sacking of José Mourinho after a number of arguments with the club president (Florentino Pérez), the director general (Jorge Valdano), which Pérez eventually sacked and a host of star players including Cristiano Ronaldo who criticized him for occasionally playing defensive football against big teams.

After approaching the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Louis Van Gaal, Rafa Benitez and Frank Rijkaard, it came as a surprise that Real Madrid appointed a relatively inexperienced manager. But Miguel Pardeza, the clubs sporting director assured bemused fans that despite Villas-Boas' lack of experience, he was the ideal person for the job.

Although several high-profile managers were interviewed by myself' date=' Zidane and Florentino, no candidates stood out like André. His passion for a new breed of exiting, attacking football is what we liked the most. Florentino adores football being played beautifully and he was blown straight away when André described his footballing philosophy. Even though he has small amount of experience, we are confident that he can bring success instantly.[/quote']

During his unveiling, a journalist asked him whether he was in control of the team, the transfers etc as there were amid rumors that Pérez appointed an inexperienced manager in order to be in control of the transfers. Villas-Boas replied:

No' date=' that's not true. The big boss (Pérez) assured me that I'm going be in control, including transfers. They will be no players signed or sold against my will.[/quote']

Villas-Boas described the appointment as a dream club true and he stated that he would ensure that the club will taste success for a long time. He signed a 4-year contract worth to be around £30,000,000.


Transfer News


(Kaka Suddenly Gets Surrounded By Journalists After Arriving In Milan)

Since Villas-Boas took over, a number of deals are being taken place. Kaka will be returning to Milan to join not AC Milan, but Inter Milan. Kaka is a close friend of Inter manager Camila De al Meida Brum and after issuing a 'come and get me plea' after being told that he wasn't included in Villas-Boas' plans, Inter quickly swooped him up for an undisclosed fee plus Thiago Motta and up and coming Dutch prodigy Luc Casnos. Also leaving the Bernabéu is French midfielder Lass Diarra. He will be also heading to Italy to join Division 2 outfit Udinese for a fee of £16m after being deemed surplus to requirements. Speaking to Marca, Villas-Boas was pleased with the recent transfer activity, he said:

I'm quite happy with the recent transfer activity. I'm an big admirer of Kaka' date=' but unfortunately, he was not in my plans. I'm quite pleased with the deal as I receive to good players in exchange. Thiago is an experienced player and he has lived in Spain before so there would be no problem with him in regards to not adjusting in Spain. Luc on the other hand is a fantastic prospect. I was always an admirer of him during his Feyenoord days and I'm delighted to have him as I believe he would lead to attacking line for Madrid for many years to come. Lass is a good player and it's sad to see him leave. But, with the club having too many midfielders, I just can't see him playing regular first team football and I know he would be unhappy if he didn't receive that. So he had to leave. I wish Kaka and Lass the best of luck in the future.[/quote']

They will be a number of players leaving the club in the next couple of days. Benzema, Carvalho, Albiol, Gago and Drenthe have been told to look for a new club. There's been a vast amount of interest in Benzema and it has been reported that Napoli are leading the race for his signature. Carvalho has been linked with a move to Roma, Albiol and Gago has been linked with a move to PSG and Drenthe has been linked to a couple of MLS clubs.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Hamburger SV Confirm New Manager


(Joyous fans celebrate their new manager's arrival)

Hamburger SV Chairman Carl-Edgar Jarchow has just confirmed moments ago that Josh Hammond will take over as manager of the club. Hammond will replace Michael Oenning, who was sacked for only reaching a disappointing 8th last season. Carl-Edgar Jarchow expects a Hamburger to finish at least 5th this season and a good run in the cup.

SKY Sports caught up with the Hamburger Chairman and he had this to say:

Carl-Edgar Jarchow says:

We’re better than what we showed last season. A lot better. Where we finished was not acceptable, this is why Michael Oenning was fired. I want us to finish at least 5th this season and I want a decent cup run.

I’ve been watching Josh Hammond for a while now. He is experienced and he has achieved great things in his career. I was amazed at how he managed to guide a struggling Ajax to the Play-Off final in the Mark and Adam championship. This was his first season in charge of any team. I thought that was phenomenal. We were going to approach him after that but he took a year out of his managerial career to spend time with his family, as they were going through a rough patch. But we have him now and we are expecting great things.

Since Hammond returned from his short break he has managed forty-two games and has achieved an impressive ninety-seven points from a possible one hundred and twenty-six.

We were unable to catch up with the new Hamburger manager as he was busy but he has promised to answer some questions within the next few days.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Villarreal appoints new manager and buys talent

A few days ago, Villarreal appointed a new manager, Jor Hberg. The Dutchman had no time to talk to us, but he said that he's happy that he's the new Villarreal manager. Also Villarreal completed that AC Milan accepted their 5M bid for Stephan El Shaawari, a 18 years old Italian talent with parents from Egypt.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

Bayern Levekusen Sign David De Gea


This morning new Levekusen manager Angus Taylor signed his first player, David De Gea. The young keeper joined on a four year deal in exchange for Renato Augusto. These are the thought's of manager Angus Taylor.

Im sad to see Augusto go as he was a good player who had recently been capped by Brazil but signing De Gea is great news, im very happy that he has signed for us.

With the signing of De Gea the future of Alder has been widly speculated, this is what Angus Taylor had to say:

Alder can leave the club now, he made it clear to me before the De Gea transfer that he wanted to leave and he can now but we wont be selling him cheap

Also Levekusen had a offer for Lukaku of Anderlect accepted early this morning but a last minuet change in management has stopped the deal going through. Angus Taylor was not impressed:

It is verry irritating as i was looking forward to the arrival of Lukaku but we must now move on. I will be making inquiries to the new manager about his avaliblity.
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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Hammond’s First Interview


(New manager Josh Hammond answers questions for us)

SKY Sports were able to get hold of Hamburger SV’s new manager Josh Hammond today as he answered some questions for us regarding his new club and possible transfers.

We discussed:

  • Aims for the upcoming season
  • Main players
  • Promotion
  • Main competitors
  • Transfer targets
  • Players leaving the club
  • Adapting to Germany

SKY Sports Interviewer:

You seem to be very happy with joining Hamburger SV, what are you aiming to achieve with them this season?

Josh Hammond says:

I am extremely happy that the Hamburger Chairman, Carl-Edgar Jarchow, allowed me the opportunity to manage such a good team. Because of this, I guarantee that I will do all in my power to bring some glory back to the club and its fans. My main aim is to finish at least 5th in the table but I want us to fight hard and attempt promotion. This would be a great achievement for us. My personal aim is to get the fans to trust and understand me. Not only do you need the players on your side but you also need the fans on your side. They play a massive part in your career.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

Who are your main players that will help you achieve those goals?

Josh Hammond says:

Players such as Heiko Westermann. He is a solid defender and one of our best players. He has good all-round abilities and he loves getting up for corners, using his 6ft 3in height advantage. He is a versatile player who can play any defensive position and has also played as a midfielder on occasion.

Also there is the Croatian forward Mladen Petrić, a true goal scorer. He will be our leading forward as we look to play a 4-4-2 formation, playing alongside Guerrero. His height will be an important factor too as we look to use our wingers to put crosses into the box.

And of course, how could we forget the magical Marcell Jansen, a superb player. He is well-known for his accurate crossing and pace, despite his tall stature. Jansen has represented his country on 35 occasions so far, scoring three times showing up as a left back. On occasions, he has even played as a striker, a term declaring his versatility. He will be the one that will supply these crosses to Petrić. He is our playmaker.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

You said earlier that you want your team to mount a serious promotion challenge, is your team good enough?

Josh Hammond says:

Obviously yes or I wouldn’t have said it. I think that my team has the players and the ability to be in at least Division 2 let alone Division 3 but I don’t want to push the team too hard in my first season. I want them to get to know me as a manger and the style of football I want them to play. That is why my main goal is for us to finish at least 5th. I will get my first real view of how the team is tomorrow when we take on Chivas de Guadalajara at home.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

Who are your main competitors? Who do you think will be between you and promotion?

Josh Hammond says:

Fiorentina and Wolfsburg without a doubt. They are the two strongest teams in Division 4. They both have great players and I expect them to give us a tough time this season but at the same time I expect us to give it all we’ve got in those fixtures. Those games will be the deciding factor as to whether we get promoted or not.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

Do you have any main transfer targets this season?

Josh Hammond says:

I do not have any specific targets yet no. However I will definitely be looking for a new center back and a new central midfielder. They are the positions that we need to improve on most. We are currently in negotiation with numerous players in these positions but I will not announce who they are, you will have to wait until we officially sign them.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

So we’ve talked about players you want to bring into the club, are there any players that want to leave the club or that you want to dismiss?

Josh Hammond says:

Kačar, Rincon, Tavares, Arslan and Berg will all be leaving Hamburger this summer. They all play in positions which are not needed in the formation I want to play and the style of football I want the team to play. There is a lot of young talent there so if there are managers that want to enquire about these players then please do.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

You’ve been in Germany for a couple of days now, how are you finding it? How are you adapting?

Josh Hammond says:

Yeah it’s great. There has been nice weather lately, between 17-21° and the people are really nice. The food, oh my god the food, it is just exquisite, beautiful. So yes I am enjoying it here, it is a wonderful country and I’m glad I came here.

SKY Sports Interviewer:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy lifestyle to answer these questions. We wish you the best of luck with your new club.

Josh Hammond says:

Thank you, I hope we do well.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread



Rubin Kazan- Justice Takes Charge In Russia

Russian Side Rubin Kazan, have appointed English manager Nick Justice, he takes over on a 3 year contract, thus far he has completed one deal and has many others agreed with multiple clubs, Rubin Kazan are considerd one of the weaker teams in Division 2 and Justice knows he has a tough task ahead in Russia. The Deal that has compelted saw Italian Defender Salavdore Bocchetti head back home to Italy with Turin based side Juventus, and Reto Ziegler(Pictured) and Davide Lanzaframe head in the other direction and compelete moves to Rubin Kazan. More News Will follow in a couple of days or so....

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

Fiorentina hire Stuart Payne


Fiorentina have announced the appointment of Stuart Payne following the resignation of their previous manager. Payne comes with loads of experience and has recently been on a mission to take teams from division 4 to the promise land.

" I am delighted to be here in Florence, it is another opportunity for me to show what i can do as a manager. I must admit though that this seems to be much harder than my previous jobs. With so much experienced and knowledgeable managers, it is the first time i have ever managed in a forumers Gameworld, but i am as confident as ever the i will get the job done and florence will be promoted to division 3" said Payne.

When asked about his transfer dealings payne said.

" Well Stefan Jovetic has expressed his desire to play at a higher level, he is truly a talent that will be missed but i have granted the player his wish and he is now in dortmund doing his medical. Yes i am open to offers for all the players, except some of the youngsters that i would like to watch their development, but the Gilardino's , Gamberini's can leave if the right offer comes in"

Fiorentina has been tipped as one of the favorites for promotion and Payne said he was flattered by the comment by HSV manager. " It's nice to hear other managers pass such comments about your team, but we have a long way to go and i don't believe we can judge a team based on talent. The manager plays a huge role. With all that said you should all beware of the VIOLA because we are ready to take this Gameworld by storm" said Payne.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

Van Der Wiel the next big name to sign for Levekusen


Levekusen today completed the signing of talented RB Gregory Van Der Wiel form Ajax. Levekusen had to pay a lot for him with Castro and Lars Bender going the other way but manager Angus Taylor belives it's worth it:

Gregory is a great player who has been linked to a number of big clubs and his future looks bright.

Later this weekend Christian Eriksen is also thought to be moving to Levekusen.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Inter And Dortmund Agree Three Part Deal

Breaking news from Inter today as they have successfully negotiated a three part deal with Borussia Dortmund.



Sneijder and Eto'o On their Way To Germany

This will mean Sneijder, Eto'o and Lucio will all be leaving Inter to Join Dortmund whilst Hummels, Subotic, Gotze, Grosskrutz, Kagawa and Gundogan will head the other way.


Hummels and Subotic heading to Italy

Also as part of the deal Rannocchia and Gotze will return to Dortmund on a season long loan.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


SkySports interview with Jor Hberg

SkySports: How are you feeling about being the new Villarreal manager?

Jor Hberg:

I'm very happy, I'm now managing a great club and I'm very proud of it. I'm expecting a hard season for our team, but I've a good feeling that becoming the new manager is worth it.

SkySports: Today you annouced that you've got accepted bids for Bruno and Hottor. Why this players?

Jor Hberg:

Both Massimo Bruno and Edmund Hottor are cheap young prospects. They might be 2 players for the future. They're the 3rd and 4th new players after El Shaawari and John Pirez. I hope they will make it in our first team within a few years.

SkySports: You said you're very interested in Ricardo Alvarez of Velez Sarsfield, right?

Jor Hberg:

Ofcourse! Ricardo is a great player in my opinion, he will fit in our team as sub for the first 2 seasons. But if he gets better I will play him every match, I think the Velez manager might be interested in a deal with getting Alvarez back on loan for the first season, if he doesn't haves 3 loans already.

SkySports: Are you going to bring us great signings this pre-season?

Jor Hberg:

I don't know, firstly a few players must leave, or we'll have to do swap deals with them for other big players. But as it is now, no one leaved yet, so I wouldn't bring in players for now. We'll see what happens.

SkySports: You transfer listed almost all of your players. Except for Musacchio, Gaspar, Carzola and Rossi. Why?

Jor Hberg:

Everyone is allowed to leave, except for them. The reason is because they're great players and Gaspar and Musacchio are prospects that already are regulars. Rossi and Carzola proved theirselfes as great players and in my opinion they are my best 2 players. Players like Lopez are allowed to leave but only for a replacement. And then I'm not talking about an old player who doesn't is as high as Lopez. But I'm talking about talents or big players.

SkySports: How is Spain?

Jor Hberg:

Spain is a really nice country! Never been here before, but I like it! Many friends of mine already were in Spain and they find it great here. So I will enjoy my time here.

SkySports: Thank you for taking time for this interview. Success with your team!

Jor Hberg:

Thank you a lot, I enjoyed the interview.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

New faces arrive at AJ Auxerre




Last night AJ Auxerre manager Liam George confirmed the signings of Davide Santon, Daniel Parejo and Philippe Coutinho. The young starlets were all signed on season long loans from Inter Milan and will play an important role in the clubs title push. Manager Liam George had this to say about the signings:

Liam George:

It is fantastic that we are able to bring players of this calibre to the club. I'm sure that they will settle in quickly and make an impact in the first team. If we continue make signings like these then we will have a huge chance of promotion.

Auxerre have also been linked wit players such as Lucas Podolski and Nigel Reo-Coker, but only time will tell if they come to an agreement with thet players.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Hammond Signs Cannavaro


(Cannavaro waves goodbye to his adoring Napoli fans)

New Hamburger SV manager Josh Hammond has just revealed his first signing for the club in the form of Paolo Cannavaro. Hammond told Sky Sports yesterday that he was after a central defender and he didn’t lie. Cannavaro has said to have been part of an exchange deal that involved twenty-four year old Gojko Kačar going the other way to Napoli, signing a 3 year contract with the Italian club. Josh Hammond confirmed earlier that Cannavaro has signed on a four year contract but he would not disclose the Italian’s wages.

SKY Sports caught up with Josh Hammond to discuss his new signing:

Josh Hammond says:

I am very happy with my new signing Cannavaro. I told you that our defence was our weak spot so I’ve looked to sort that out and I think I have with him. He is a tall, strong defender that likes to control the back line. He is a leader, which is something this club hasn’t had for a long time.

I hope he adapts quickly to our style of play and I would like to wish him the best of luck.

Oh and yes, he will be featured in tonight’s game.

When we spoke to Cannavaro we had to use his personal translator as Paolo was having some difficulties communicating:

Paolo Cannavaro says:

I am really happy that I joined with this club. I think Hamburger has a bright future and I want to be a part of that. I’ve heard things about their new manager Josh Hammond. I’ve been told he is a young manager with a lot of potential and that he will go far. This was one of the things that influenced me into joining Hamburger. There is no point in joining a team with a manager that you don’t believe in, but with Josh Hammond I do.

Factfile: Paolo Cannavaro

FULL NAME: Paolo Cannavaro


BORN: 26th June 1981. Naples, Italy

AGE: 30

HEIGHT: 184cm (6ft 1/2in)


Napoli (Italy) 1998-1999 (2 appearances/0 goals)

Parma (Italy) 1999-2006 (92 appearances/4 goals)

Napoli (Italy) 2006-2011 (168 appearances/5 goals)

TRANSFER DETAILS: 4 year contract for an exchange (Gojko Kačar)

POSITION: Defender

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Second New Face at the Imtech Arena


(Hammond's second signing Palombo)

Just moments ago Josh Hammond confirmed his second signing as new manager. Angelo Palombo has passed his fitness test and arrived in Hamburg an hour ago. The deal involved Palombo coming to the German side in exchange for Marcus Berg and Tomás Rincon who went to Italian side Sampdoria. Hamburger faced fierce competition from Roma, who didn’t make an offer but expressed their interest, and Genoa, who also offered an undisclosed exchange offer for the Italian. Palombo is rumoured to have signed a four year contract with HSV. The twenty-nine year old midfielder is set to appear tonight against Chivas de Guadalajara as a substitute.

Josh Hammond said this about his second signing:

Josh Hammond says:

Palombo has now completed my midfield. He is a superb defensive player but he can also attack well. Tenacious in the tackle and hard-working on the pitch, he is known for his play-making skills and never-say-die attitude. He was the captain of Sampdoria and longest-serving player in their squad. These are two great achievements. I hope he will fit nicely into the team. He will be a regular player for the club.

Again struggling to communicate, Palombo used his personal translator to tell us this:

Angelo Palombo says:

I am very happy that I have joined a club like Hamburger SV. They are a great club and I love the way they play. Josh Hammond seems like a very eager manager and I like that. He told me that I will be a first team player as soon as I adapt to the clubs style of football. I believe that this club can win the league this season and I would love to help us do that, it would be great to play in the Division 3 with such clubs such as; Stuttgart and Juventus. I just can’t wait to get out on the pitch and play!

Factfile: Angelo Palombo

FULL NAME: Angelo Palombo


BORN: 25th September 1981. Ferentino, Italy.

AGE: 29

HEIGHT: 177cm (5ft 9 1/2in)


Fiorentina (Italy) 2001-2002 (10 appearances/0 goals)

Sampdoria (Italy) 2002-2011 (287 appearances/10 goals)

TRANSFER DETAILS: Long term contract for an exchange (Berg and Rincon)

POSITION: Midfielder


Italy (2006 – Present) 22 appearances (0 goals)

Debut: 16th August 2006 v Croatia (lost 2-0) (International Friendly, played in Milan)

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

Milan 0-4 Villarreal

Jor Hberg: A miracle happened tonight


Nilmar celebrating his second goal

Tonight Villarreal won 0-4 against Milan. After the match manager Jor Hberg said: 'I never saw that coming. I said before the match: With a draw I would be happy, so try not to lose. But I'd never expected this result. I'm very happy, and I don't know what to say. We had a good day and played a good match. I think we can beat another big teams in this competition. We did a thing that we never expected to do. I'm giving my players a free day tomorrow. At Monday we will train hard for the next match which is at Wednesday'. Nilmar netted a goal already in the second minute. A good attack leads to Nilmar who poked the ball pas the defender following a goalmouth scramble. We saw Jor Hberg jumping, you could see that he was very happy. But that wasn't it, 28 minutes later Nilmar scored his second one in the 30th minute. 1 minute before half time Milan player Abate had a yellow card after time wasting. In the second half Villarreal begins working hard again with as result that Rossi scored in the 48th minute. Not a special goal, but every goal counts! But Villarreal wasn't going to play easy after the 0-3. An amazing shot from Borja Valero passes the keeper, he had no chance, an amazing goal! Both teams had a few good changes in the last 20 minutes, but it stayed at 0-4. MoM Borja Valero was very happy: 'I'm so excited! I never expected this, but we did it! We did very good work today. The bonus was that I scored a goal, one of the best in my whole carreer'.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


VfL Wolfsburg 2 x 0 Celtic


Patrick Ochs, that did the first goal

The match was at Volkswagenarena, in Wolfsburg, between Wolfsburg and the scottish Celtic. Wolfsburg went to the game with Benaglio at the goal; Riether, Schafer, Friedrich and Kjaer at the back; Polak, Ochs, Josue, Diego and Mandzukic at the middle; and Helmes at the front.

The game - The game started with Wolfsburg opening the scorer at five minutes, with Patrick Ochs; at 31 minutes, Josue scored the second goal of the german team.


Possession - 58% Wolfsburg - 42% Celtic

Total Shots - 11 Wolfsburg - 18 Celtic

Shots on target - 10 Wolfsburg - 11 Celtic

Corners - 5 Wolfsburg - 8 Celtic

Yellow Cards - 1 Wolfsburg (Diego) - 0 Celtic

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


New Players arriving VfL Wolfsburg


Liedson arrives from Corinthians


Sigurdsson arrives from Hoffenheim


Santiago "El Moro" Garcia arrives from Atlético-PR


The young player, David Hoilett arrives from Blackburn

The Wolfsburg manager, Nick Big said about other players that should arrive :

Nick Big:

I am very happy with the players that arrived my team. I don't think we need much other players, because our squad is nearly complete. I am mainly looking for a Defender, and now that Hoilett arrived i should use another of my Forwards to get this player..

When asked about the signing that he already made, he said:

Nick Big:

Liedson comes to be our starting Forward, with Helmes. Sigurdsson is a young and promissing Wing that can start in some games. Garcia and Hoilett are just squad players, but they can come in Wolfsburg XI in some years time.

After his first interview, Santiago "El Moro" Garcia told us what was for him to reach a big club like Wolfsburg:

Santiago Garcia:

I am really happy to reach a big club in my carrer, like VfL Wolfsburg. I know that they have excellent players in their squad and maybe it will take some time for me to get my space, but i will try and I am sure I will make it.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Málaga CF 0 - 1 AJ Auxerre

Auxerre begin the season with a well deserved victory over a strong Málaga side. The Málaga veterans could not handle the overpowering Auxerre team and the 31min opener by Kamel Chafni was enough to seal the victory.


In other news AC Milan veteran Filippo Inzaghi has agreed to join AJ Auxerre for fee believed to be around 2.6million pound sterling. He is currently having a medical at the club.


We understand that Inzaghi has left Milan after falling out with Jack Simpson. Inzaghi has this to say about the move :

Fillipo Inzaghi:

It is a great honour to be playing with AJ Auxerre. We have a great squad here and there is a great understanding between the plays here.I hope to make a bid impact here and to start playing regularly and start scoring some much needed goals.Of course I do miss my old club Milan where I spent many years and made many good friends but there is always a need for change.I look forward to playing for Auxerre and hopefully we can make a promoton push this year

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread


Hamburger SV 2-1 Chivas de Guadalajara


(A sold out Imtech Arena last night)

Josh Hammond got his Hamburger career of to a flying start with an impressive 2-1 win over Mexican side Chivas de Guadalajara. There was a lot of speculation concerning the new manager but he lived up to all the expectations and left the home fans joyous. With the new signings Palombo and Cannavaro on the bench eagerly waiting to show the boss their ability, the rest of the team had to step up to try and stay in the first team.

Match Report

The first-half may have been goalless but it certainly wasn’t boring. Chivas de Guadalajara looked to be giving this match all they had with numerous shots forcing saves from the Hamburger goalkeeper Drobny. In the 8th minute Alberto Medina struck a hard shot low down but Drobny managed to parry the ball to safety. Just one minute later the Mexican team were on the attack again, this time with Baez who wonderfully chipped the ball over the Czech Republic goalkeeper but saw his effort cleared off the line by HSV defender Westermann. With Chivas completely in control Hammond knew he had to do something and whatever he did worked…temporarily. Luis Michel was forced to make his first save of the match, as he spectacularly kept out Petrić’s shot. But then Chivas were back on the attack and could have actually had a penalty when Hector Reynoso was brought down in the box, but the referee waved play on. Esparaza also had a golden opportunity but saw his shot saved by Drobny. Hamburger didn’t actually seem to wake up until the 30th minute, which saw them have shots from Manchienne, Petrić and Jansen but none were enough to worry Chivas. The half-time whistle went and the scores were 0-0. As the teams walked into the tunnel you could see the anger on the face of the Hamburger coach.

As both teams came out the tunnel for the second half the fans knew they were in for a stunning match. And they were. It took just four minutes after the interval for the first goal to appear. David Jarolím broke free of the defence and was in on goal, he opted to take it round the goalkeeper but it looked like he took it too far. He shot from the acute angle and the ball somehow managed to take a deflection of the back pedalling defender Kelly, who watched in despair as the ball hit the back of the net. The fans cheered, the manager smiled, the players celebrated. Whatever Josh Hammond said to his players at half-time worked. His team were ahead. They doubled their lead just six minutes later, Jarolím scoring his second goal, this time from a rebound. Despite Chivas dominance in the first-half they found themselves down by two goals early on in the second-half. The game died off a bit after these two goals but Chivas didn’t give up. In the 89th minute Medina put the ball across the box and Reynoso finished it without hesitation. A consolation goal at the most, it was too little too late. Referee Jong Chul Kwon called the game to a halt as the Hamburger fans let out an almighty roar, their team had won their first match of the season. Josh Hammond showed no sign of emotion as he walked into the tunnel although everyone knew that he was jumping with joy inside.

Full-time score: Hamburger SV 2-1 Chivas de Guadalajara


(David Jarolím (center) celebrates scoring his first goal for Hamburger this season)

Match Statistics



Post-Match Interview

In an interview after the game, Josh Hammond said:

Josh Hammond says:

Of course I am extremely happy with the result. Your first win with a club is always a special moment and I think based on the second-half, we deserved it. My only concern was how long it took us to actually wake-up and get into the game. It took us nearly thirty minutes before we had our first shot and against any other team; I think we would have been punished severely. This is not acceptable, but the chances we made in the second-half, which were a lot, we took. All in all it was a good performance, but we can do better.

SKY Sports presented Man of the Match David Jarolím with his prize bottle of champagne and asked him how he felt about the match today, he said:

David Jarolím says:

I am delighted with my performance and the team’s performance as a whole. I thought we got off to a shaky start but that always happens at the beginning of a new season, we soon found our rhythm and started punishing Chivas with every attack we had. They just couldn’t withstand our constant pressure and in the end they conceded two goals. I am a bit disappointed that we couldn’t keep a clean sheet but you can’t have everything.

Josh Hammond and his team are now looking forward to playing their first European tie of the season in the SMFA Champions Cup as they take on Manchester City at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg on Tuesday. Luckily there were no injuries sustained in that match so Hammond will be looking to field his strongest team against a very tricky opposition.

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Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

Standard Liège NEWS


The new coach of the Belgian giants Jackie Chan(EugeniuC) has announced 13 new signings that will help gain promotion to division 3.Here is a little description about every player.


David OSPINA GK 22 years 88 rated from OGC Nice paid: £60k + Sinan BOLAT.

If we are expecting to gain promotion we need a top quality young GK and our staff thinks that the young Colombian is the perfect choice.We are happy that we didn't face any competition


Femenía KIKO RM/RB 20 years 85 rated from Hercules paid: £900k + Reginal GOREUX & Arnor ANGELI

We acquired him because he is one of the best in his position we could find' date=' he is one of my favorite players. I'm glad we didn't face competition for his signature.Thats a big boost in the RB spot. [/quote']


Sebastian COATES CB 20 years 86 rated from Nacional paid: Undisclosed

He is a player with huge potential and we hope he can fulfill it with us.



Machedo Michel 21 and 86 from Almeria and also Kenwyne Jones from Stoke City are some other important signings' date=' they are expected to lead the team to success as they have tons of experience.[/i']

Also some young folks caught Jackie Chan's manager eyes like:

German international CLEMENS Christian from FC KOLN.

Poland, Spain and Dutch internationals:RYBUS Maciej ; KEVIN García and DE VRIJ Stefan.

And signed some 16-18 year old youngsters that impressed me:


ADILI, Endogan

GRANDOLFO, Francesco

OIER, Olazábal


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