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Who to replace Rami?

James AU

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Okay, I am managing Lille (doing really well at the mo, first in the league etc) but I was unlucky enough to catch them when they sold Rami to Valencia, and they loaned him back (or atleast I think that's what happened... is it?)

Anyhoo, he has become concerned about being loaned out, and I can't be dealing with him getting even more concerned, losing morale and in turn playing worse for me. So I'm going to terminate his loan, if I can, seeing as though it is unlikely that the Valencia manager will let me sign him long term anyways.

Other centre backs I have on the team are:


Rozenhal (can't wait to get rid of this guy)

Beria (he's a Def, but can play at cb obviously)

Aurtenetxe (payed a premium for this guy! £6mill! Just hope it's worth it :P)

I have noticed that the Brazilian changes are coming up soon, and was wandering if anyone knew of a Brazilian centre back or two rated between 78-83 that may rise to 85/86 and are looking to be good players long term? It's a long shot but I thought surely there is atleast one player of that description in Brazil!

Basically I want to replace him asap! I have £14million to spend.

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Re: Who to replace Rami?

Welinton will be a good rise this time round. If your needing a RB try signing Luiz Danilo as well and btw Aurtenexte for 6m is a very bad deal mate! played loads the start of last season but I think he got injured and wasn't seen again in the first team of Atletico Bilbao.

I'm sure you can't expect to see Aurtenexte again last season after his injury because it was a serious, season ending injury that rules him out of playing till possible Sept/ Oct this season. :eek:

You should note that however, before he got injured, he was effectively the first choice LB for Bilbao which i reckon means quite a bit for an 18 year old.

And yes, 6m for him is steep.



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