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Dance/House Music!

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Re: Dance Music! 2fRYDgndw8U Attempted thread revival.

Re: Dance Music! Creamfields tomorrow:D

Re: Dance/House Music! New mix I made, better than my last one I made but still nothing that great: http://www.mixcrate.com/adamefc/house-mix-391056

Re: Dance Music!


Great remix on a great song! I'd advise anyone listening to go straight to 1:40' date=' the intro is pretty boring ;)[/center']

Oh yeah, I heard it on Scott Mills a few months ago. An epic remix, a ton better than the original. It's one of only a few remixes that are better than the original

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Re: Dance Music!


Not really a dance song but still a song you would dance to.

Good song. Alot different to The A Team which is a good song but this may just be abit better

Is it me or is Dev's verse in She Makes Me Wanna by JLS the single worst verse in the history of music?

Anyway' date=' Dance song....I personally think this counts, always goes down very well in the clubs.


Dev's verse in She Makes Me Wanna is awful. There's nothing decent about it.

The Saturdays have never had a no.1 and if they were going to get one, this song would defo get it. This is the only song from them I quite like haha.

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Re: Dance Music!

I posted this on the first page. Brill song sounds so much like Mr Saxobeat but it's still really good.

Yeah' date=' in a way I like the fact it's a bit similar. Makes the artist a bit more distinctive (a lot like N-Dubz with the Na-na-niiiii thing).

Here's a song I quite like, always have. Most people think it's terrible but I don't know...I've always enjoyed listening to it.


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Re: Dance Music!

Apologies for the double post here but I got into a bit of a searching mood.....


Surprised this hasn't been posted before :D


Always liked this.


Has to be one of the best music videos ever?


I'm stunned Kim Leoni never made a video for this song.


Another song from Kim Leoni. No idea why she never fully made it as an artist.

Will leave it as just those for now. Will probably put some better ones up in the morning when I have my thinking head on.

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Re: Dance Music!

Guetta over the last 2 weeks has released 3 songs without releasing videos and has had them all in the top 40 which are all good. My favourite is Titanium. All songs are with female artists. Is Nicki Minaj struggling atm as she's had to go on another with Guetta. She must need a hit.




What a brilliant musician.

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