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Who should I sell?

James AU

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Right, I manage Athletico Madrid in Spanish Championship 4130. Last season I won Div 1 (second season) and was runner up in the first season. Considering my opposition, I'm pretty proud. It's not the best team in the world. I want to make it 2 consecutive seasons, so I need to cash in on some players before I improve my squad. Luckily I have a lot of players (38) so I can afford to do this without making my squad too small.

The only bad thing is this: £11.1 million in the bank :( . Anyways, here it goes:

[b]First team.[/b]


De Gea, David

Asenjo, Sergio


Ivanovic, Branislav

Lucio, Ferreira

Vermaelen, Thomas

Godin, Diego

Rakytskiy, Yaroslav

Dominguez, Alvaro

Oritz, Cesar


Garcia, Javi

Perez, Ruben

Toure, Yaya

Martinez, Javi

Suarez, Mario

Nasri, Samir

Gotze, Mario

Huvos, Vitor

Reyes, Jose

Blanco, Sebastian

Salvio, Eduardo


Aguero, Sergio

Forlan, Diego

Costa, Diego

Youth Team


Joel, Robles


Cabrera, Leandro

Pulido, Jorge


Matip, Joel

Camacho, Ignacio

Koke, Jorge

Coutinho, Philippe

Merida, Fran

Marcos, Sergio

Keko, Gallardo

Niguez, Saul


Pacheco, German

Vinicius, Silva

Borja, Gonzalez

Ibrahima, Balde

So... who should I sell, guys?

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