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Someone offered to buy Neymar, help please?

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I currently have Neymar (90) in my first team for Liverpool. I play in a semi-competitive gameworld. I paid about 18M for Neymar when he was 89.

Real Madrid offered me Canales + 11.3m but I rejected it. I just sent him a counter offer for Ozil, but of course he rejected it and sent me this one instead. Khedira + Carvahlo + 5m.

Is this a good deal? I personally do not like either players, however my team isn't exactly filled with high rated players. I just want to know if that deal gets my moneys worth that I paid for (Neymar) and being how Neymar has great potential, I don't want to give him away that easily.

This is my team. I play 4-2-3-1


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Re: Someone offered to buy Neymar, help please?

get someone else other than khedira

i wont mind doing the above deal if the cash offered is 10mil or so

cos u will be getting a 91 who might rise and a 93 solid defender

both who can go into ur 1st team straight

neymar has to move b4 rising further

and he is not a proven talent outside of brazil yet

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