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- Help (Norwich City)

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- Right I'll cut to the chase, I simply want to know if I should play attacking football with a weak team or defensive?

I'm not really signing any Top- players. - I'm signing players for the future (17 year old - rated 75 rising to 82) Players like that.

So would you recommend I play attacking football with a weak team? (I.E Ian Holloway - Blackpool) Or Defensive?, and What formations would suit them best? thanks very much.

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Re: - Help (Norwich City)

- I've gone with this, what do you think?

- I was thinking about having the Wingbacks Arrows Pointing towards the attack to give abit of width - or would you use the wingbacks to support the defence?

Any How heres what I went with

- Adam Johnson is out of place unfortunatly :o


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