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Stadium Improvements???


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I am struggling to make any money with my chelsea team, I have 20 first team and 18 youth team of players expected to rise from 70 to 75+.

My first team is very strong in terms of ratings.

However with a stadium capacity of 42,055, I basically lose money every game including home fixtures. Other players in the league have stadiums far bigger, and they must make alot more money.

How and when can I get a increase in capacity? i am desperate to be on a par with Arsenal, Man Utd and Man City in the game.

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Re: Stadium Improvements???

Yeah, I'm a Rangers superteam and we can't get a bigger stadium. Top team in the gameworld (96 average starting eleven), winning everything but not an extra seat to be seen. I appreciate we don't have a tiny stadium - but Barca, Man Utd .etc aren't even in the top division any more and are getting more fans through the gates.....

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