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The Drafting League

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Re: The Drafting League how selfish of me i do apologise 1. because there was several ppl before my pick 2. because none of those ppl were online at 6pm 3. because noone had any shortlists in

Re: The Drafting League Been asked to do the draw by Kazzer. Here are the results 1. Stubbsy127 2. jr231990 3. DerbyPower 4. StuartH 5. drseanfitz 6. Gozzy 7. Ashh 8. Kensational 9.

Re: The Drafting League

Despite being a semi-gamble' date=' Diego has [b']got to be THE pick of this round[/b]. :P And thanks for shortlisting him Dr. Sean. B)

Now I'll be having a striker to partner Pazzini. Funny fact: he's half Portuguese. :D His name is...


Fantastic pick at this stage IMO. B)

Don't think too highly of yourself now do you :P lol

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: The Drafting League

I'd rather you just made your pick :P

I'm trying - wish I'd picked 1 less defender to be honest......

so might be able to make one available for trade if anyone is stuck on a CB.

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