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Swap Reinartz for Piatti


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Re: Swap Reinartz for Piatti

The things you need to consider are Reinartz could well hit 90 this season with CL and being at a strong side domesticity.

You should also consider that Piatti will need to play and play well to rise to 90 any time soon.

Valencia have had their team ripped apart over the last 3 seasons due to the massive debt they are in.

Platti could finally find a club to for-fill the promise he has shown then again he could find Mata's boots to big to fill in short its a gamble.

If you don't need Reinartz then it could be worth it but remember Reinartz should comfortably hit 90 by the end of the season Piatti may take a bit longer unless he hits the ground running and really impresses in the CL.

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