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English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread Mr. Clifford is new Bolton boss After a bizarre two today's which saw wide spread sackings across England, Bolton can confirm their n

Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread New signings in at Stanley! Arron Jameson is one of 3 new signings at Stanley. There is one uncomfirmed signing in Jussi Heikkne

Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



Division 1

ACM - Fulham

The Duffman - Sunderland

Mike H - Everton

Arfon - Tottenham Hotpurs

BewNewman - Norwich City

MUTD - Wolverhampton Wanderers

jr231990 - Stoke City

A-J - Liverpool

Darlo FC - Newcastle United

scotchegg - Aston Villa

Gonzodan - Blackburn Rovers

Will - Swansea City

Messiyah - Wigan Athletic

said7fabregas - Arsenal

Division 2

Valentia - Derby County

AVB - Nottingham Forest

MaoaM - West Ham

Josh Hammond - Reading

MoodyMark - Cardiff City

Mikey - Southampton

mastermind genius - Blackpool

Jorge Dias - Middlesbrough

Chazza - Ipswich Town

Maffiiee - Millwall

RedBullArsenal - Leicester City

ruggermad - Birmingham City

Dan Martin - Portsmouth

Division 3

nicholasbig96 - Preston North End

Division 4

racky - Bradford City

Division 5

drink - Wrexham

hurrdurr - Tamworth

Total: 31/116

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Fulham FC Announce new kits.


Today, Fulham FC chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed announced Heineken as the new main kit sponsor.Heineken is a famous dutch beer company will remain as the main sponsor until 2015 paying Fulham £6,0000,000 each year.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Newman Appointed As Canaries Head Coach


After weeks of searching, today Norwich appointed Ben Newman as their new manager. Newman, who was born in Preston, Lancashire was a shock choice for the job, with many experienced managers looking to find themselves employed once again and with the likes of Roy Keane and Mark Hughes linked with the Canaries, you can understand why many City fans may be dubious over the decision.

Norwich are one of three new boys in the premier league after finishing as runners up in the Npower championship last season. Though keeping a side once so glorious at this level will not be easy and Ben Newman knows that just as much as anyone else. Head co-owners and married couple, Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones are yet to comment on the appointment though the new man in charge was quick to give his thoughts and spoke publically to the press earlier today.

- When I was approached by both Delia and Michael, I was shocked. For them to ask me whether or not I wanted to manager a premier league side was incredible yet I was very honoured to be approached. I was a big fan of Norwich last season and now I believe I can keep them in what certainly is the greatest league in the world. Question is, will the board keep me long enough to prove what I can do haha? We haven't been handed the best of starts but with me and the board looking to bring in some new talent, I can see us maintaining a good start and in the process getting a win or two. I can't say what my aims for the season are just yet as I'm not sure myself, but I will just say that I'm looking forward to the challenge and seeing the press a lot more this season.


The face doesn't lie, Ben Newman is serious when it comes to football!

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


The Wolverhampton Wanderers chairman has appointed Van Gaal as the clubs new manager.

''After an awful season,Wolves call one of the best managers in the world Van Gaal to bring the team on top 10.They promiss to Van Gaal a good buget and they must do these because in the contract if isn't a minimum 20M budget Van Gaal will leave the club and they must give him 10M.Van Gaal want to bring the team in top 5 not in top 10 and he really can do this.''

Van Gaal: After Bayern experience wanted to manage a premier league side and finally boss of Wolves called me and the contract was negociate in 10 min.I want to bring this team in top 5 in Premier League and this is possible if the fans will come at every match on Molineux.Let's hope will bring this Wolves where is their place.
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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


RedBullArsenal (See Below) has taken over The Foxes!


I am glad to seal this lucrative deal, with seconds before I had talks with other clubs (was going out) I saw this team available. Players did not seem happy the only player backing me is Kasper Schmeichel, he will not leave the club, a huge exodus. They can do what they want more talent is out there.
Don't Know why everyone is leaving, the manager has vast amounts of experience!

- K_Schmeichel86 on Twitter

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




after being offerd the opportunity to take his home town side back to the top tier manager racky couldnt help but jump at the chance. although the side is on its bare bones racky has lined up the lads he feels will be suited in time to see this club back in progression..

from the days of donkey richmond to the rapeist mr rhodes racky feels that this side is a division 4 weekly cup final for all sides participating in the league and feels he needs to turn the 10 plus attendances back on the home side..

my plan is quite simply 2 install stability to this team.. its my local and the chance of me moveing quite simply will only come when the boot is given.. my plan is to work the market hard but away from the norm with possibility talents.. although i feel the side is high rated the harsh reality is its very very poor.. the players brought in this season were pathetic.. fresh faces but a waste of space.. its time 2 try attract abit of talent even if the odd bit didnt work under the taylor regime.

is this another journey man takeing over the side to collect a pay packet or will racky be the real deal and do abit of something with this club that is 2 great for the lower regions of the english tiers!..

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Preston North End appoints new manager

Today Preston North End appointed a new head coach to their team with the mentality of taking the back to where they should be: Division 1 of the English football. The new manager is Nick Big, who gave us a short interview:

SkySports: How do you feel getting PNE and what is your objective with them this year?

Nick Big:

Preston North End is a club full of history and glories and my main objective is bring this back to this amazing club.I know this wont be easy and this year i am aiming Division 2 When i received an invite to manage them, i didnt think twice: I had to accept it, and i am very happy with this and with the confidence they gave me.

PNE Uniforms for this season


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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

The Tam Issue 1, Volume 1, 26 August 2011



Tamworth's entire population preparing for a match of football

Young manager Mark Dean, 31, has been announced as Tamworth's new manager. Fans have been questioning the decision by the board to appoint such an inexperienced manager. Rumour has it, bookies are already taking bets on a replacement for Mr Dean but most are dismissing this as rubbish. Mark Dean said on the club's site that "I don't want to comment on the fans reactions, I will let the football do the talking." When questioned on his transfer policies he replied "I'm not going to be an Arsene Wenger, but I'm not going to do a 'Manchester City' and spend millions. I will bring a few youth and a few experienced players." When asked if he would keep most of the squad or sell most of them, he simply replied "Everyone will get a chance, I know who is in my plans and who isn't but they can change my mind in training."


Goal nets imported from Wembley and players imported from Tesco's tills.

Tamworth who were formed in 1933 because of the folding of Tamworth Castle fc have been playing at the The Lamb Ground since 1934. Their highest profile signing of all time was the capture of former Arsenal, Aston Villa, Walsall and English national midfielder Paul Merson however he only played once and retired soon after.


Alex Ferguson and Rafa Benitez putting their differences behind them at the Lamb Ground.

Catch up with the next issue of The Tam where we will be report on Tamworth's first few league games and give you more information about Mr Dean... if he's still in the job.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Wigan today announced the managerial appointment of The Messiah.

Little is known of the manager, so the British Press were eager to hear what he had to say of his new team.

"I am excited to be taking over Wigan. We have a loyal fanbase, and are located in an area with a rich footballing history.

However, the fans have been starved of success. I hope to change that.

I know that teams are looking at taking some of our main stars, and although this is not typical of a new manager, i will be as frank and honest as i can.

I am willing to part with pretty much all of my players, as i have a strategy which i want to test at Wigan. I want us to be the Barcelona of the Premiership. That means recruiting young talent, and nurturing them into world beaters.

It will be a long process, but I am hopeful the chairman and fans will stick with me.

My short term goal, has to be survival in the top division."

So there you have it.

A policy of recruiting young players, is what The Messiyah will focus on.


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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




Steve Gibson enters the press conference room:


Steve Gibson:

"Good Afternoon everyone, I would like to thank you all for attending at short notice, I'd like to start by confirming that Anthony Mowbray has been relieved of his duties as manager after mutual consent was agreed between both parties. Anthony wishes the club all the best for the future."

Steve Gibson:

I opened the door to the press conference room, where I got immediately blinded by flash after flash from the journalist in the room. When I get to the chairman, I shake hands with him and pose for yet another round of photographs, then I can finally sit down and await the barrage of questions.

"After a long hard thought out process the board and I decided that we needed a change on the management side of things, that to start with won't be a huge cost to the club. The next big gamble was looking to appoint someone who fitted the criteria and ambition we wanted, so I can now introduce to you our new manager Jorge Dias.''

The Sun:

"Jorge are you pleased with the chance to be the manager of Middlesbrough?"

Jorge Dias:

"Yes I am its a fantastic club everybody knows that which the club has struggled in the last 3 years and I want to bring this club back to its normal self."

BBC Radio:

"You have a good squad already but will you be adding to it with some new signings?"

Jorge Dias:

"I'm not sure, but I will have to see what they are like in training and I will then decide if the team needs improving."

Sky Sports:

"Jorge will you be signing any players in this months transfer market?"

Jorge Dias:

"Yes I already have some names in my mind and also put a few names to Steve Gibson and he thinks there reasonable targets."

Sky Sports:

"Can you tell us those players then?"

Jorge Dias:

"No sorry we are still in negotiations with the players at this moment of time but nothing has been agreed that is all i'm going to say for now."

BBC Sport:

"What are your expectations for this season?"

Jorge Dias:

"My main goal is to get the team back to the Premier League which is where this club should be I am here for two years but there is a new contract in place if I achieve the things the board want me to."

Steve Gibson:

Jorge Dias shaked hands with Steve Gibson one last time has the camera fades away to black.

"No more questions now time is up thanks for your time."

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



The red dragons have officially unveiled their appointment of Malaysian rookie Yee Chung Tang as their new manager who's only experience was being a assistant training coach to Barcelona and Madrid. This came as a shock for many fans and there was soon a riot outside the Rarecourse Ground led by a farmer named Dave Pugh. However, Tang's press conference put an end to the riots for now.

I realise how much pressure is on me to put in a good season and hopefully gain promotion this season, Wrexham made it to the promotion play-offs but came short last season. The fans should not make snap judgements about new managers, I have a lot to offer to this club. Wrexham shouldn't be where they are now, their stadium is good, their fanbase is good. They should be in at least Division 3. I will be doing a complete makeover of the squad to bring in some more fresh players. I hope my advance status with some of the footballers will help as i was previously a training coach for Barcelona and Madrid.


Dave Pugh, the man that started the protest. Can you blame him?

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




having set out the targets for bradford city manager racky plans on a pritty sizey build if obtainable but 1 of a division 4 rating status for the sake of cash flow etc looking to try bring in players that have progressed through set ups and could possibly go on 2 become a worthy pro..

i have the boys inline for the job im in no way just looking for the quick rating fix.. my plan is 2 keep the club out the red incase i need to change up strategy immediately at any point.. im going to try build a side i like the look of as this club is my home..

city boss racky is said to be delighted at the possibility of 3 new faces arriving from link up manchester city.. he went on 2 say the following..

i could have looked for ratings higher but i feel these 3 lads if they are to go through will play the division perfectly whilst not costing the club 2 much and will fit perfectly in 2 the structure and base build i plan to take the bantams..

not a big club but already looking busy.. very looking forward to gameworld opening and haveing a go at landing my first team targets :) .. alot to be done in transforming this side..

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Ipswich Town Appoint Chazza Bones as their new Manager.


Last Night, after weeks of speculation, Ipswich Town revealed to their fans and the press their new manager was Chazza Bones. Chazza has had experience at this level with the likes of Doncaster Rovers and Cardiff City and has recently been coaching with the Welsh National Football team in their qualifying campaign for Euro2012.

"I'm very happy to be here" said Chazza in an interview with Sky Sports last night, he also added:- "I am going to make changes here in time and I do have money to spend. It is my intention to take this club into the Premiership within two years and I hope the fans will back me through the good and bad times throughout this season. I may bring in some big names within the next week, I have transfer targets and I'd like to sign the majority of them, if I possibly can. I look forward to the quest that lies ahead!"

Ipswich have the likes of Jimmy Bullard, Michael Chopra and Lee Bowyer in their team and fans have high expectations after missing out on promotion for the last few years. Will Chazza complete his promise and take Ipswich back to the Premierleague?

Tonight Chazza faces his first managerial test in a friendly (at Home) with currently unmanaged Barnet. Team news for both sides will be confirmed later today.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




racky is said to be delighted to see 3 players of top positional options agree to join the club at the first opportunity..

having contact bin made from manchester city the offer of the players was 2 good to turn down..

i was looking 2 get 3 players in 2 cover the 3 seprate positions with good versatility.. all have age on there side and fit perfectly in to the squad developement plans for the future.. they all fit the requirements so it would have been silly to say no..

the plan obviously is not 2 over stretch things on rating as with it being a club close to heart the paitience will more that certainly be there even if it is to take a while 2 get this side to fruitition :) ..

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


New Boss Is 'Savage'

Former Derby County star, Robbie Savage, reckons that new Derby County boss, Liam George, is the right man for the job. Liam George was appointed last night after Nigel Clough stepped down ahead of the new season. Savage believes that a young manager is just what the club need to make a push for promotion.

Savage said:

I am delighted with the new manager. He is a young manager with plenty of experience and he is just what we needed. Hopefully he can bring in a few top players and make a push for promotion.


Savage in his Derby days

Nigel Cloughs departure was a shock but most fans think it was the rite decision. Last season was poor by Derby's standards but with a new manager and plenty of top names looming around the club, the future looks prosperous for Derby, lets hope Liam George won't disappoint.


Clough says goodbye to the fans

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


'Mastermind Genius' appointed as New Blackpool Manager.

Following Ian Holloways sacking, Blackpool made a shocking move by appointing Mastermind Genius as the new manager yesterday.

In a press conferance he said:

"When I learnt of Blackpool's interest in me to become their new manager, I was absolutely stunned. I hope to bring success at Blackpool. I have met with the Board and our objective this season is to try and get promotion back to the premier league, where they where last season. And we aim to stay there."

When asked about transfers he said:

"We are aim to build a side that can break into the premier league, we lost Adam, so we need a new tailsman in midfield. And there will be many more players coming in."

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Mr. Clifford is new Bolton boss

After a bizarre two today's which saw wide spread sackings across England, Bolton can confirm their new man is widely known Mr. Clifford, The shock sacking of Owen Coyle stunned Bolton fans. But now the squad and the fans alike are getting to grips with Mr. Clifford as new boss and theres suddenly a new fresh hope and optimism around the Reebok Stadium.

Mr. Clifford

As soon as Bolton contacted me over the vacant managers role i had to take this opprttunity with both hands. Bolton are a solid team and a solid midtable premiership team, Im lucky to be the manager of such a well run club. The aim is strengthen over pre-season and then push on for a European place and id love to go on a good cup run.

Bolton Fans


Notice the one in the middle ;)

The shock to the club and to us over the sacking of Own Coyle was a big one, What was important was getting in the right man to replace him. I feel we have the right man in Mr. Clifford hes a good manager did a good job in England last time he was here. Were just looking forward to seeing what he brings in. We'll see how pre-season goes but theres a nice new feeling around the place.
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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Chazza All Set For First Match In-Charge.


Chazza has been manager of Ipswich Town for less than Twenty Four hours, but tonight the Welshman will be in the home dugout as Ipswich are host to Barnet in a friendly.

Barnet are currently seeking a new manager, after the recent sacking of Lawrie Sanchez, so caretaker manager Giuliano Grazioli will pick the starting eleven for Barnet this evening.

Only 2,500 tickets of a possible 30,000 tickets available have been sold so far. Ipswich ticket sellers are hoping for a flood of "pay at the gate" fans to welcome Chazza for his first match at Portman Road.

Earlier today Chazza spoke to Sky Sports of his excitement of his first match in charge at Ipswich. He said:- "I'm looking forward to showing the fans what the team can do and we will play with an attacking integrity when possible. Barnet are a good side and it would be wrong to write them off because of the league they're in, they will be tough, but we will do our upmost to beat them and I will play my best side to hopefully get the win."

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Newcastle Chooses Eller


Newcastle United chairman, Mike Ashley has chosen to employ Jonny Eller as the clubs new manager. This appointment is no shock to the fans of the club, as Eller has been linked with newcastle for the last few seasons. Eller, who will proceed from the work done by his predecessor Alan Pardew.

Newcastle were lead to the brink of relegation last season after reports of money laundering by Ashley. Ashley, who was given a heavy fine still owns the club but surely, Ellers budget will not be huge like his rivals in the division.


Eller will have a new manager to rival against in the name of Aaron Duffy who has been appointed the manager of fierce rivals Sunderland. The Tyneside derby will be as strong as ever and both managers will be looking for 6 points this season.


Eller has promised that reinforcements will be brought in. After the departure of a few backroom staff, Eller has already branded his first mark on the club with the appointment of former assistant manager Gus Poyet. Along with new backroom staff, Eller will be given a strict budget to bring in new and young faces.


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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Reading Sack and Appoint Manager

Reading F.C. fans have experienced a shock two days as they see their club sack Brian McDermott and appoint manager Josh Hammond in a matter of hours.

Brian McDermott, who had been at the club for five hundered and five days, was sacked yesterday for un-known reasons. The way the board dealt with this has shocked the fans, especially considering McDermott helped Reading reach the Division 2 Play-Off's last season and only narrowly missed out on Premiership football. Despite this he was releaved of his duties.

A few hours later Josh Hammond was announced as the clubs new manager. After the official announcement, Hammond had this to say:

Josh Hammond says:

I am very happy to be Reading's new manager. I understand I have a lot to live up too after Reading came so close to top-flight football last season. However I believe, with a few squad changes, we can have another go.

Hammond has been often criticised for his habbit of bringing in foreign talent but the English man has made a vow:

Josh Hammond says:

I know that fans like to see English talent at the club so I will not disappoint them. I will be bringing in young foreign talent but for every English player we sell, I promise we will replace them with another English player.

Josh Hammond also expressed his happiness with the teams morale and being in charge of an English team once again.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Mr. Clifford brings in changes

No sooner then 3 day's into his new job Mr. Clifford has already been busy dipping his hand and most importantly his chairmans wallet into the transfer market. Mr. Clifford has pointed out Bolton's weaknesses and has strived to improve weak spots. He pointed out clearly his and Bolton's expectations of European Football via 10th and higher and believes targets signed and targets to be signed will do just that, Help Bolton to Europe.


Roberto Soldado

Boltons bid for the Valencia ace was accepted late monday might Mr. Clifford pointed out his need for a goal getter and believes he has on in Soldado. Roberto has reportedly wanted to play in England for some time and so jumped at Boltons offer.


Douglas Costa

shakhtar reportedly did not want to sell the promising Brazilian, But after Costa pushed from his dream move to England Shaktar had no choice but to sell the want away winger. He gives Mr. Clifford the attacking flair Bolton lacked down the wing.


Lyon's Gomis

Mr. Clifford wanted to beef up attacking power and strength along with other new boy Soldado he wanted a target man a powerful attacker who could hold up play with Gomis now a Bolton player Mr. Clifford believes he has that.


Naldo of Werder Bremen

Defence was Mr. Clifford's main concern for Bolton. Cahill has a role to play in Mr. Clifford's new look Bolton, However a solid partner along side him was needed and Mr. Clifford once again went out and brought.


Bolton's Spanish kid Granero

Midfield also needed to be freshened up. Mr. Clifford felt he needed to make Bolton's passing player faster neater and sharper. With Granero he feels that a killer pass can be landed setting up a goal.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Northampton Town appoint Arsene Wenger :eek:

After the terrible loss of Arsenal against manchester united and the fact that arsenal has won only 3 games since losing the Carling cup to birmingham last season , Wenger had been criticized by the media and the fans a lot which made him resign as Arsenal's manager. Northampton Town offered him a great salary to become the boss of The Cobblers.

Wenger in his first Interview Said that he is looking to sell old players and buy young ones who will become stars and be able to take the team out of the division 4 to get a promotion , he said that he will sign more than 20 players for cheap prices and that will rise from unknown leagues because they need a bigger squad! Will Wenger be able to make Northampton town go to Division 3 through this tough season?? Let's find out


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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


All change at Wolves

Me,Louis Van Gaal I'm ready to announce the new transfers of the Wolverhampton Wanderers.The boss made real efforts to bring this players because are very expensive and we are aiming for a place in ,,Big Four''

OUT: 600,000+Johnson+Ward IN: Edinson Cavani(91)

-Well...,,El Matador'' it's us after hard negotiations we decide to put Johnson in the deal and we got after 12 hours a deal...

OUT: 2,900,000+Hammil+Foley IN: Lucho Gonzalez(92)

-Was the best player in Ligue 1 and now must become the best Wolves player and I'm sure he can.

OUT: 300,000+Hunt+Henry IN: J.Vertonghen(90)

-Was the captain of Ajax and we bought him for his versatile

OUT: 1,400,000+Kightly+Vokes IN: Eric Abidal(92)

-Got experience to help us and he is a very good defender

OUT: Doyle+Davis IN: Marchisio(90)

-Awsome CM,he can take the ball from every player include Messi or Ronaldo.

OUT: 3,200,000+De Vries+Craddock IN: Rafinha(90)

-Really happy with this RB,he is quality

OUT: 3,500,000+Milijas+Dunleavy IN: P.Hernandez(90)

-Lets hope he will get 10+ assists this season

OUT: 1,500,000+Griffiths+Hennessey IN: Diego Lopez(91)

-Class GK,lets hope he will broke all records

OUT: Ebanks+Guedioura IN: N.Burdisso(90)

-Was an Inter player so that's mean he is class defender..will stop everybody along with Abidal,Rafinha and Vertonghen.

OUT: 50,000+Berra IN: Medel(88)

-Bought him for second team so he must improve to be in first team

OUT: 200,000+Stearman IN: Mirallas(87)

-Great striker,only 23 years old so he can improve to get the first XI.

OUT: 100,000+Edwards IN: Prodl(87)

-He got everything to get the XI

OUT: Elokobi IN: Beria(88)

-Will help our second team with his versatile

OUT: 4,400,000+Fletcher+Winnal IN: Danny(90)

-Awsome winger and can play as AM too so will help our team with his assists.

OUT: Jarvis+Keogh IN: Kevin Gameiro(90)

-With Cavani will make an deadly attack

OUT: 220,000+Zubar IN: Chadli(87)

-He is a real talent and lets hope will continue to improve in future

Also we got some players for second team but not big names:





Some talents like:


-Papa Sene

-Sekou Sanago


So this is all for the moment BUT we prepare another transfer for second team...a big name will come for second team but lets see we can get bring him.

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Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



The manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers,Louis Van Gaal it's ready to announce the captains for the new seasons.

-Well it's hard to chose the 3 captains because I had 3 players with experience and 7 on fire...and young but I choose the experience because is better.We made a very good squad at Wolves and we are in the battle for ,,BIG Four''.With this press conference I want to say thanks to the boss because he bring the players what I want.Now we had one of the best XI in Premier League in my opinion and we can write the history for this Wolves.

Ok so lets start...The first Captain will be Eric Abidal which is a player who came from Barcelona...the second best team in the world after Man United so it's a great player,a LB with a lot of experience but he have at least 2 years at the same level.The second one it's Lucho Gonzalez,was the best player in Ligue 1 and he continue the good form for us(we hope).The third one it's our star...Edinson Cavani.What I can say about ,,El Matador''?He will broke all records because we payd a lot for him.


Eric Abidal,Lucho Gonzalez and Edinson Cavani for Skysports

Reporter:Ok,Eric how do you feel as the new captain of Wolves?

E.Abidal:To play in Premier League was in my dreams but to be the captain of a team in Premier League it's wonderful.I feel very good but in my opinion Cavani deserved to be the first because he is the star here.

Reporter: Yes,maybe you're right Cavani it's the star but you already had a lots of experience in UCL and you played for Barcelona.You think the transfer from Barcelona to Wolves it's a down step?

E.Abidal: No way...to play in the best championship in the world it's a dream.I hope will make the fans from Molineux happy.

Reporter:Lucho your the second captain,how do you feel and who deserved to be first in your opinion?

L.Gonzalez:In my opinion the little guy called Cavani deserve to be the captain because he is the star here.

Reporter:So I understand between the players from Wolves...it's a good atmosphere?

L.Gonzalez: Very good and that's our first weapon..we're all new players but it's a very good atmosphere and our style of playing start to like very spectacular because as you know MR.Van Gaal it's an ultra-offensive coach and everybody love this.

Reporter: Thanks Lucho.So Edison everybody belive you're the star at Wolves.Are they right?

E.Cavani: Well everybody it's a star here because are big names but lets hope I'll hope Wolves with my goals to be in Big Four.I'm waiting my friend,Gameiro to come and help us..

Reporter: So you belive Gameiro it's a deadly weapon?

E.Cavani: He is on fire and yes everybody must becareful with him because it's a deadly weapon for us.

Reporter: How do you feel as the 3rd captain?

E.Cavani: Very good,doesn't matter this because Eric deserve to be the first captain because he got the experience.

Reporter: Good luck in the new season and lets hope to see Wolves in Big Four.

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