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Re: SM Friends!

What influences your ideas?

The influences on my humour stem from watching and, more particuarly, reading various comic things. I like to write in a style involving quick one-liners mixed in with some bouts of comic timing, and these stem from various backgrounds. Other influences, mainly for some gags, stem from the chatroom.

Why do you take ages to write a new one?

It all comes down to the production process. I first have to think of a plot. What will happen in this episode that works well, is funny, and can last long enough to count as an episode. Next comes the setting. The plot and setting come together usually. After that, I start to thicken the story out some more; we know what will happen, but what will happen during/before/after?Next, it's time I thought of some gags/jokes/general funny antics that will occur during the episode.

After all of this, it comes down to having the time, patience, and correct mood to sit here and write.

Why do I always get the shortest parts and sound like a ming mong?

Because you are a ming mong. Nah, I always try to make sure that each character plays a big part in at least one episode. The fact that you get some daft lines and situations is because you're Nath, and you're bloody awesome. :)

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Re: SM Friends!

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Re: SM Friends!

Yup' date=' new episode![/b']


Let's see. I just wanted a reference to the forum competitions. Lord knows why I did it in Wales. Probably just to add Welshman to the team. I also decided to stick the Thame brothers in there again, just for japes. Another long episode, I give it 6/10. :)

Bump, what happened to this Lee it was funny

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Re: SM Friends!

Shock horror, a new episode!!!


It's been too long. 18 months!!! That's the longest ever time between episodes, but it's safe to say I've had no time and little ideas to contribute to this, which is always a shame. It took a day of me being completely bored due to a lack of an internet connection to scour through all my documents and find this, and get it finished. When I finished it, the internet popped back on! :D

Anyway, enjoy episode 18 (18 months to wait for the 18th episode. Coincidence?), which I rate 7/10. :)

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