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Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''

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The Wolverhampton Wanderers chairman has appointed Van Gaal as the clubs new manager.

''After an awful season,Wolves call one of the best managers in the world Van Gaal to bring the team on top 10.They promiss to Van Gaal a good buget and they must do these because in the contract if isn't a minimum 20M budget Van Gaal will leave the club and they must give him 10M.Van Gaal want to bring the team in top 5 not in top 10 and he really can do this.''

Van Gaal: After Bayern experience wanted to manage a premier league side and finally boss of Wolves called me and the contract was negociate in 10 min.I want to bring this team in top 5 in Premier League and this is possible if the fans will come at every match on Molineux.Let's hope will bring this Wolves where is their place.
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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''


All change at Wolves

Me,Louis Van Gaal I'm ready to announce the new transfers of the Wolverhampton Wanderers.The boss made real efforts to bring this players because are very expensive and we are aiming for a place in ,,Big Four''

OUT: 600,000+Johnson+Ward IN: Edinson Cavani(91)

-Well...,,El Matador'' it's us after hard negotiations we decide to put Johnson in the deal and we got after 12 hours a deal...

OUT: 2,900,000+Hammil+Foley IN: Lucho Gonzalez(92)

-Was the best player in Ligue 1 and now must become the best Wolves player and I'm sure he can.

OUT: 300,000+Hunt+Henry IN: J.Vertonghen(90)

-Was the captain of Ajax and we bought him for his versatile

OUT: 1,400,000+Kightly+Vokes IN: Eric Abidal(92)

-Got experience to help us and he is a very good defender

OUT: Doyle+Davis IN: Marchisio(90)

-Awsome CM,he can take the ball from every player include Messi or Ronaldo.

OUT: 3,200,000+De Vries+Craddock IN: Rafinha(90)

-Really happy with this RB,he is quality

OUT: 3,500,000+Milijas+Dunleavy IN: P.Hernandez(90)

-Lets hope he will get 10+ assists this season

OUT: 1,500,000+Griffiths+Hennessey IN: Diego Lopez(91)

-Class GK,lets hope he will broke all records

OUT: Ebanks+Guedioura IN: N.Burdisso(90)

-Was an Inter player so that's mean he is class defender..will stop everybody along with Abidal,Rafinha and Vertonghen.

OUT: 50,000+Berra IN: Medel(88)

-Bought him for second team so he must improve to be in first team

OUT: 200,000+Stearman IN: Mirallas(87)

-Great striker,only 23 years old so he can improve to get the first XI.

OUT: 100,000+Edwards IN: Prodl(87)

-He got everything to get the XI

OUT: Elokobi IN: Beria(88)

-Will help our second team with his versatile

OUT: 4,400,000+Fletcher+Winnal IN: Danny(90)

-Awsome winger and can play as AM too so will help our team with his assists.

OUT: Jarvis+Keogh IN: Kevin Gameiro(90)

-With Cavani will make an deadly attack

OUT: 220,000+Zubar IN: Chadli(87)

-He is a real talent and lets hope will continue to improve in future

Also we got some players for second team but not big names:





Some talents like:


-Papa Sene

-Sekou Sanago


So this is all for the moment BUT we prepare another transfer for second team...a big name will come for second team but lets see we can get bring him.

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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''



The manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers,Louis Van Gaal it's ready to announce the captains for the new seasons.

-Well it's hard to chose the 3 captains because I had 3 players with experience and 7 on fire...and young but I choose the experience because is better.We made a very good squad at Wolves and we are in the battle for ,,BIG Four''.With this press conference I want to say thanks to the boss because he bring the players what I want.Now we had one of the best XI in Premier League in my opinion and we can write the history for this Wolves.

Ok so lets start...The first Captain will be Eric Abidal which is a player who came from Barcelona...the second best team in the world after Man United so it's a great player,a LB with a lot of experience but he have at least 2 years at the same level.The second one it's Lucho Gonzalez,was the best player in Ligue 1 and he continue the good form for us(we hope).The third one it's our star...Edinson Cavani.What I can say about ,,El Matador''?He will broke all records because we payd a lot for him.


Eric Abidal,Lucho Gonzalez and Edinson Cavani for Skysports

Reporter:Ok,Eric how do you feel as the new captain of Wolves?

E.Abidal:To play in Premier League was in my dreams but to be the captain of a team in Premier League it's wonderful.I feel very good but in my opinion Cavani deserved to be the first because he is the star here.

Reporter: Yes,maybe you're right Cavani it's the star but you already had a lots of experience in UCL and you played for Barcelona.You think the transfer from Barcelona to Wolves it's a down step?

E.Abidal: No way...to play in the best championship in the world it's a dream.I hope will make the fans from Molineux happy.

Reporter:Lucho your the second captain,how do you feel and who deserved to be first in your opinion?

L.Gonzalez:In my opinion the little guy called Cavani deserve to be the captain because he is the star here.

Reporter:So I understand between the players from Wolves...it's a good atmosphere?

L.Gonzalez: Very good and that's our first weapon..we're all new players but it's a very good atmosphere and our style of playing start to like very spectacular because as you know MR.Van Gaal it's an ultra-offensive coach and everybody love this.

Reporter: Thanks Lucho.So Edison everybody belive you're the star at Wolves.Are they right?

E.Cavani: Well everybody it's a star here because are big names but lets hope I'll hope Wolves with my goals to be in Big Four.I'm waiting my friend,Gameiro to come and help us..

Reporter: So you belive Gameiro it's a deadly weapon?

E.Cavani: He is on fire and yes everybody must becareful with him because it's a deadly weapon for us.

Reporter: How do you feel as the 3rd captain?

E.Cavani: Very good,doesn't matter this because Eric deserve to be the first captain because he got the experience.

Reporter: Good luck in the new season and lets hope to see Wolves in Big Four.

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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''



Cavani it's ready to start the adventure for ,,Big Four''


Cavani for SkySports

Reporter: Edinson are you ready for Premier League?

E.Cavani: Yes I'm ready to start a new adventure and I feel on form and ready to bring the goals for Wolves.

Reporter: You hope to be the topscorer in Premier League?

E.Cavani: Yes I hope but first in my plans it's the team not myself but to be the topscorer in Premier League it's a dream but we will see in the future.

Reporter:What's the releation between your teammates?

E.Cavani: Between us it's an awsome atmosphere and awsome relation.I know some guys from Internationals competition.

Reporter:So we must expect an ultra-offensive footbal?

E.Cavani: Yes,as you know Mr.Van Gaal usually play an ultra-offensive football and I love this ideea.Gameiro it's drunk don't listen him..

Reporter: Ok thanks that's all.


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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''



Van Gaal announced the First and second team of Wolves.

I'm ready to announce the first and second team because we did all transfers what we want...from 25 transfer offerts we had 24 and lost only for Rondon but find someone better and talanted than Rondon...Sulejmani and that's mean we have all players what we want.Really happy with my actual team and it's an awsome team in my opinion.Lets the fun begin.

First team:


Second Team:


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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''

Match Report|Turn 1

Att: 28,497



Gameiro 1',Danny33 | Gomez 17',56'



Diego Lopez
















Total Shots


Shots on Target




Yellow Cards


Red Cards



Gameiro after goal


Van Gaal for SkySports

What I can say?We deserved a win for sure in the name of the god.Look at statistics...2 goals with lucky by Mario Gomez..Whatever it's a good start for a little Wolves but we deserved a win for sure.Gameiro was world-class tonight and all my team was world-class.We dominated all match but that's always the teams with a big name had luck.We play vs Tottenham on White Hart Lane next match and we are looking for a win for sure.I want to say thanks to the fans ...Molineux was full tonight and was a fantastic atmosphere.Want to say thanks to my players too because they make me proud tonight and we will continue this good form and everybody will see our highest level in the game vs Tottenham.
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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''



All good on Molineux after last night match

After last night match everybody was disappointment on Molineux because Wolves dominated all match but was only a draw in the final.Again the lucky ,,Super Mario'' saved Liverpool but Wolves are ready for next match vs Spurs.Everybody on Wolverhampton belive in a win but the rest of people can't see a win by Wolves but we really belive in Wolves and they looked very good last night and the offensive formation of Van Gaal they can beat everybody and we feel Spurs it's next for the first win in this season.On White Hart Lane will not be easy but we can beat everybody.4000 fans from Wolverhampton will make movement to White Hart Lane in London.Wolves fans were fantastics last night and they can dominate the atmosphere on White Hart Lane too.Everybody it's looking for a win in the game vs Spurs but the chance are 50%-50% so the best team will win,we hope.


Molineux stadium,last night vs Liverpool


Van Gaal and Gameiro for SkySports

Reporter: Mr. Van gaal how are you feeling after last night match?

Mr.Van Gaal: Well very good with that draw vs a very good team but we deserved a win but that's football.

Reporter: It's the team ready for the movement to White Hart Lane?

Mr.Van Gaal: Yes,my team it's ready for movement to White Hart Lane and we're aiming for a win.I heard will be 4000 fans of Wolves so we must win for them and we will win.

Reporter: Yes,everybody expect from Wolves fans to make again a fantastic atmosphere...How was the atmosphere in last night?

Mr.Van Gaal: Was Fantastic and I want to say thanks to our fans.

Reporter: Kevin,how do you feel after you scored last night on a full stadium?

Gameiro: Well,very good because the fans were fantastic and we deserved a win but a draw with Liverpool isn't so bad.

Reporter: Are you ready for match vs Spurs?Can you score again?

Gameiro: Yes I'm ready for the match vs Spurs and I can score again but more important it's to win the team not to score.

Reporter: How's the atmosphere between your teammates?

Gameiro: It's a very good atmosphere even if I know some players only from 2 weeks.

Reporter: That's all Mr Van Gaal and Kevin,good luck for next match.

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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''

Match Report|Turn 2




Tottenham Hotspur:




Van der Vaart


Wolverhampton Wanderers:









Total Shots


Shots on Target




Yellow Cards


Red Cards



Van Gaal for SkySports

Well it was a good match...but if we look at statistics we dominated all match..Spurs got only more possession nothing more.Ok lets say this result it's fair..we're looking for first win of the season in the next match vs City but it's on Etihad Stadium but this will not be a problem because we got experience in away matches.About this match what I can say?Cavani and Gameiro made a superb effort but Akinfeev was lucky...We still wait for Cavani to bring his first goal in Premier League but we know his start is slowly.Lets wait the match vs City and lets bring a win together with 7,500 fans of the Wolves on Etihad.
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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''

Match Report|Turn 3

77753089.jpg VS wolverhamptonwanderersi.png


Lucho 55'


Manchester City

Iker Casillias






Wolverhampton Wanderers









Total shots


Shots on Target




Yellow Cards


Red Cards



Lucho...Man of The match celebrating after goal


Van Gaal for SkySports

Awsome win for us...what I can say more?Look at City players..they got players such Iker,Sneijder,Aguero but we have our stars too such Cavani and Lucho tonight.Very proud to get 3 points on Etihad and lets be serious we deserve this 3 points in the final.We deserve at least 7 points now but 5 it's better than nothing.2 draws and 1 win..and I predict more wins will come in the future.Was a hard decision to choose between Cavani and Gameiro but choose Cavani because he can come and help our defense too.Gameiro it's an awsome CF but for that match prefered to rest him.Lucho made 3 sensationals game so far and all team made some sensational games.Next match Molineux will be full in my opinion after 2 aways...1 at Spurs and 1 at City and to get a draw with Spurs and a win with City it's something.Lest see what prepare the future for us but I hope and I'm sure will be a bright future.
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Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers | Road to ''Big Four''


New stars on Molineux for our objectiv

IN: Stefan Jovetic(90) Out: Lucho(92)

Happy to see a talent like Jovetic in our team.At only 22 years he's already a world-class player wanted by the big clubs but he chosen to play for the little Wolves on Molineux.Sad to see our ex-Captain leave but he's old for us and he must think about his family from now and especially for future.A team which can pay a much better salary will be happy to have a player like Lucho in the team especially because he'll play at least 2 years at big level.Happily to have Jovetic in our team,he's class and will prove this on the pitch.

IN: Diego Godin(90) Out: N.Burdisso(90)+Ferhat Oztorun(81)

A young CB,maybe one of the best from La Liga and wanted by many clubs again chosen to play for Wolverhampton.Burdisso was a good player for us but was the time to buy somebody younger.Godin is class and he's just 25.He's doing great with his NT,Uruguay and this will help him to get a place in XI.A pleasure to have him in our team.

IN: Santi Cazorla(91) Out: Danny(90)+Sanogo(77)

A world-class winger like Cazorla who is playing for the best NT team,Spain is always good to have in a team.He already proved what he can in Spain NT,Villarreal and his last club before to switch for Wolves,Malaga.Sad to see Danny leave but that's the risk for a winger like Cazorla.Another player which is a pleasure to have in our team.

IN: Willian(90) Out: P.Hernandez(90)

We need something fresh in our attack,somebody with technique and who can be better than a 22-23 years old guy from Brazil?Willian is the man with an impressive technique can win alone a match with superb execution can dribble all the pitch without problem.He's the man for us to make show for our fans.Great to have him in our team.

IN: Lucas Leiva(90) Out: Eric Abidal(92)

Lucas,a part of Brazil NT one of the most important in their midfield set for the little Wolves to help us to have a good season.He's a DM but he have an impressive technique and can score superb goals.A must have in our team especially for his technique.

IN: Manuel Neuer(92) Out: Diego Lopez(91)+Prodl(87)

Maybe the best goalie in the world at the moment choosen to play for the team from Molineux.A real pleasure to have a GK and a player like him in my team and lets hope he'll be like a wall for us.He can be in the top for our best signing or even the best sign for Wolverhampton.

IN: Marco Reus(88) Out: Nacer Chadli(87)+Acquah(77)

One of the hottest German talent,Marco Reus is for sure in top 5 the best sign for future.He's a beast on the pitch but with players like Cazorla and Willian on the wings he must work a lot to be in our XI.He always give the best on the pitch and with his technique can break every record at only 22 years.A pleasure to have him on Molineux.

IN: ASHLEY COLE Out: Jan Vertonghen(90)+Papa Sene(76)+1,600,000

Our new captain and the best LB in the world,Ashley Cole is the new player of Wolverhampton.An English blood is our captain and we must be proud with this and what a player....Cole.We are happy to have Cole in Wolverhampton shirt because he's a beast on the pitch and always give the best for the team.He's surely the England LB and Wolverhampton captain.The best signing for us,voted by our fans.

IN: Samir Nasri(93) Out: Edinson Cavani(91)+Sulejmani(88)

One of the best AM's in the world,Samir Nasri set for Wolverhampton.He's a part of French NT,he's their key-player and is our key-player in the midfield.We put all trust in him to bring the performances for us and with his technique and etc...is one of the best player in the world.A real pleasure to have him in our team especially because is hard to find a good AM in these days.

IN: Kerzhakov(90) Out: Marchisio(90)

Sad to see the beast,Marchisio leave but we need a world-class striker to replace Cavani.Kerzhakov was the man and we put our hopes in his quality and with Gameiro upfront he can broke and scary every defence from Premier League.Lets wait to see how will he doing along with Gameiro upfront.

IN: Marc Wilson(86) Out: 4,400,000

We brought him only for the 2nd team but maybe he can improve to be in first team.Lets wait to see how'll he doing in future but for sure is a great player and Van Gaal love him for his versatile.

IN: Oscar De Marcos(84) Out: 3,400,000

Another player for 2nd team.He may broke and come in XI but he already is on loan and we wait to have some experience in English football.He'll be one of the players which will help the team in cups.

IN: Ryan Boudebouz(88) OUT: Mirallas(87)+Royer(82)

One of the hottest talents from Ligue I,Boudebouz the Sochaux player is now the new Wolverhampton player.In a race with Arsenal for him Boudebouz chosen to sign for the team from Molineux.A great player to have for future and complete our short list with young players.

IN: Eduardo Vargas(84) Out: Vitsenets(82)+Mendler(78)

Vargas,a great player from Chile which already have 2 matches for his NT and 1 scored set for the little club from Molineux.He's just a 2nd team player at this moment but he's the future of Wolverhampton.

Our final team for the rest of season is:


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