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Rating Change Debate_Carrick 92, Anderson 90... Seriously??

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Team: Manchester United

Players: Carrick vs' Anderson

Carrick is rated 92

Anderson is rated 90

Anyone who watches the Premier league or the Champions league should by now have realised that Micheal Carrick is a crock of ****. Anderson on the other hand is pure class. His recent performances since the start of the 2011/2012 Prem season prove this. Carricks omission from Fergusons first team in preference of youngster Tom Cleverly also shows that even Ferguson rates Cleverly, an 86 rated player in this game, over Carrick, a 92 rated player.

This is my case for having all three of these players' ratings reviewed.

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Re: Rating Change Debate_Carrick 92, Anderson 90... Seriously??

well the ratings havent been changed since the end of last season.carrick was in the manchester united team for most of last season which is why he has his rating, anderson was in and out of the team and didnt get enough game time for a rise despite his performances being good enough, cleverly was on loan at wigan who are terrible hence his rating. now that carrick is out of the team he will drop to 91 and now that anderson is in the team he will rise to 91 and cleverley will rise to 88.

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Re: Rating Change Debate_Carrick 92, Anderson 90... Seriously??

I think that Anderson should have 91/92 an carrick 89/90...

Some United fans can be too critical of Carrick at times, imo he deserved the 92 rating and we all agree thats the most he deserved in his career, played all last season and before that, whereas Anderson has been laid off with injury a lot however this season is different, Anderson deserves to get 91 now for his consistency and performances(though wasn't great against chelsea).

If he can stay injury free he should get to 92 by end of season.

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