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Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team


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Re: Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team

Horrified and shocked. :( RIP to all deceased and their families.

That team had some really good players in it. So many familiar names...Demitra, Salei (RIP Rusty - a Mighty Duck legend :(:(), Skrastins, Liv, Vasicek, Rachunek, Marek, and so forth.


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Re: Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team

Novosibirsk mourns ...

Eternal memory to those who died in the crash


Vitali Anikeenko

Mikhail Balandin

Aleksandr Vasyunov

Josef Vašíček

Aleksandr Viyukhin

Pavol Demitra (Slovakia)

Robert Dietrich (Germany)

Marat Kalimulin

Alexander Kalyanin

Andriy Kiryukhin

Nikita Klyukin

Stefan Liv (Sweden)

Jan Marek (Czech Republic)

Sergei Ostapchuk (Belarus)

Karel Rachunek (Captain) (Czech Republic)

Ruslan Salei (Belarus)

Karlis Skrastins, (Latvia)

Pavel Snurnitsin

Daniil Sobchenko

Ivan Tkachenko

Pavel Trakhanov

Gennady Churilov

Maksim Shuvalov

Artem Yarchuk

Yuri Urychev

Staff members:

Yuri Bakhvalov

Aleksandr Belyaev

Andrei Zimin

Aleksandr Karpovtsev

Igor Korolev

Nikolai Krivonosov

Evgeny Kunnov

Vyacheslav Kuznetsov

Brad McCrimmon (Canada) - head coach

Vladimir Piskunov

Evgeny Sidorov

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Re: Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team

As a massive hockey fan, I was absolutly sad when I heard the news. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl were a top team. As Safir mentioned so many familiar names have died, including the Swedish goalkeeper Liv. Only two survivers, one player Galimov has 90% burns on his body. Summer 2011 has been terrible a terrible time for hockey, first the deaths of Boogaard, Rypien and Belak and now this.

Russia seriosuly need to get their aviation sorted out. They've got a poor record (A notable death was last year when the Polish president died).

R.I.P to the deceased and my thought are with their loved ones. I hope Lokomotiv Yaroslavl will pick themselves up from this and continue to do well.



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