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New Elite League!!

Keith Fitz

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So here is how it will go.. I am going to do two divisions with ten teams in each division. I am looking for seriously committed players who want to be in it for the long-haul. Top forumers would be great.. I want to see who is interested before I create it.. the teams will be ...

Chelsea - me

Man Utd - jordan tze

Man City - mahya 9sang

Tottenham - M.B Diouf /Craig Jones

Arsenal - Colin Lumbard

Liverpool -

Barcelona - Kopstar

Real Madrid - wilkie 67 /Shaun Wilkie

Ath Madrid - Jamezz Chettz

PSG - nicolasbig 96 /nick big

Fc Porto luis3 / luis costa

Dortmund - Valentia /Liam George

Bayern Munich - Zure 12 /Zure Rona

Inter - Tejas Mufc / Tejas Tanna

Ac Milan - Celtic 67 / marco v

Juventus - Dobby / Lord Player

Roma - jon dow

Marseille -

Benfica -

Valencia - Mark Ferry

Teams will be given to a first come basis. If you would like to join and want a different team from the list,that is possible. You will nor be able to buy from clubs within the leagues who have no manager.

So anyone interested???

P.S - To make it more interesting I will likely put the so-called stronger teams in division 2,ie Barca,Man Utd,Real etc..

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