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I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, multiple message deletion

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I don't ask for much.

Fine, that's a lie. I asked for a Burberry jacket last year but didn't get one. I asked Al Gore to use some deodorant but he refused (something about aerosols and the environment). I asked for a chance at Geordie Shore but they said I was too polite.

But I want multiple message deletions back. I mean, how much time do you want us to spend deleting message after message, individually?

And ugh, it's just so obnoxious when that little green bar flashes on the top of the screen with the congratulatory message telling you you're such a Stephen Hawking for being able to click on an 'X' button and that you should do it about 17,000 more times before your inbox is cleared.

You want to make the game interface a little less of a pain in the arse, but its the simplest things that infuriate most of us. So please, with a flower of kindness in one hand,

, sort this out please.
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