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Guest SM Dev (Ste)

Re: SM Skins

I was just Considering a SM Skin Scheme for Non-Goldmembers' date=' but i think i might be abit advance there, just a though. :rolleyes:[/quote']

Skin Site is only for GM and will not be introduced for normal members.

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Re: SM Skins

Hey, I was just thinking. It's just a suggestion ok. I thought that you guys would enjoy a Windows Vista/ Windows Live theme for SM Skins. You know with all the stuff and all.It's just a suggestion- makes it look posh eh? i dunno, what do u guys think.

and also

think about a emo theme eh?

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Re: SM Skins

i looked down all the site skins and i think the green one what you start with

is the best one.. i mean if you have the bayern one and the man u one they

both the same... i dont see anything that makes them look the same..

and you have one called David Beckham La galaxy.. which is just white where is david on there for you call him david beckham skin..

im just wondering thats all... thank you all

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