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rangers - wc831

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Re: rangers - wc831

hi to all i'm the new manager of rangers in wc831. if you want any of my players feel free to IM me and we can sort something out' date=' i dont know how to accept bids can anyone help me please?[/quote']

Hi mate welcome to the forum :) ,

When a club make a bid for one of your players you will get a club message, to view this message go to the "my club" part of the bar that runs across the top of your page (well it's really about 2" or something from the top). When your mouse pointer is over the "my club" part a little drop down menu should come down, things that are on that menu are:

# Overview

# Club Messages

# Squad

# Tactics

# Schedule

# Finances

# Player Shortlist

# Club History

The one in bold is the one that you want to click ;)

The club messages should be the thing that you see, you will get a description of what the club message is about on the left hand side, then if it is a transfer bid there will be something that say "action" next to it, click that and it will take you to that players profile.

Above the players name there should be three options




Negotiate is when you want to make a counter offer to the club that made the original offer :)

Hope that helped mate

Welcome to the forum again

Happy posting :)

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