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Liverpool To Rull England - Gold Championship 44

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New Manager For Liverpool!

Late last night Liverpool named a new coach in Mattuie Beckett, the young England coach has a lot to offer to the club who are looking to make there way back up to the top of the league. And new coach Beckett has said he will do all in his power to do well here. New coach Beckett has said also that players like Torres is free to leave the Spanish star is no longer needed, and he has said he is not happy at the side and wants to move home. It is also known Gerrard will not be leaving there has been a call to Beckett from a un named English team asking for the kop star but Beckett said there is no price on his hed he will never be sold.


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Re: Liverpool To Rull England - Gold Championship 44


Liverpool Host Stiff's Newcastle!

In a game witch was the first for Liverpools new coach Beckett it was a walk in the park wining 3-0 over Newcastle. The game saw goals from ex United duo Park and Valencia as well as out of fav Mid Mascherano manager Beckett has said his team need to keep there form up and he hopes to get some deals going over the coming weeks.


Liverpool Unvail New 3.5M Signing!

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