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Down Hill For Tevez ?


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Is It time for all us managers who have Carlos Tevez in our team to sell up ? time to make some cold hard cash out of a jobsworth of a player ?

Personally I believe he came to England with a 5 year plan to get in, get rich and get out. But thats a story for another day.

I have been offered 75 mil( the max a club can pay) for him. My league is very ferce, Tevez has been on the transfer list for about 4 months now. In this time the only other offer I have had is 30 mil plus Jordan Henderson. Should I take the 75 mil ? Money doesn't go far in my set up but its handy to have If a new manager comes along or a team becomes unmanaged.

Opinions needed :o:D

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Re: Down Hill For Tevez ?

I think regrettably :( Tevez will from a great height "fall on his feet". His attitude is awful of course BUT in a new club (eventually) that all-out determination will take him back to the top. He is the ultimate socca Jekyl & Hyde :(

What defines the situation is :- Will The Rich Owners of Man City want to get the best deal for him they can OR WILL THEY WANT TO PUNISH HIM?? They are possibly unique in not actually needing the extra millions a quick sale would bring them, as opposed to letting him sweat it out in Limbo for a season or so?

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