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Player concerns while using holiday mode

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Sorry if this has been asked before but I looked through the help pages and couldn't find anything. I tried to search on the forums but for some reason, it won't work for me on any browser. It didn't show up in the auto search thing when you type a thread subject either.

Anyway, do player concerns continue to get worse when you activate holiday mode or does that pause them until you deactivate it? I'm not planning to do this or anything just something I've noticed with a manager.


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Re: Player concerns while using holiday mode

This is only about the concerns of good players asking for games

so far, but what about the concerns of players that want a pay rise ?

Will the holiday mode give all players with wage concerns immediately

a new contract ? Or only if they reached Level 4 of Unhappiness with

the wages ?

Does someone who really has tested it, can tell us how it works ?

Or is it something the programmers have forgotten to implement ?

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