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Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness

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Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness

Barcelona Fall Before Rivals


MOM: D. Villa (Real Madrid)

FOM:Mascherano (Real Madrid)

This season, the only team to be on Barcelona's level has been Real Madrid. In this game, they have proven that they can play evenly with their fierce rivals and may even surpass the side thought to be the best of modern times. In this match, 2 players welcomed the Barcelona team who were once their comrades. One excelled where the other fell. The match was one played in the middle of the field, with neither team having many shots to deal with. All shots, however, were of great quality as out of the combined 22 shots, 18 were on target. Ricardo Kaka (Real Madrid) was the first to score, taking advantage of a confused Barcelona in the 48th to score from 10 yards out. David Villa(Real Madrid) gave his side a little space with his goal in the 72nd, a quick turn with a powerful shot to the lower corner. With this win, Real Madrid find themselves only 2 points away from the league leaders. Do we dare root for the royal side of Spain...

Here is what AS7 had to say in the press conference:

I'm not very disappointed in this result. We knew that, on paper, this was going to be the hardest match of the year with Real Madrid having players of the absolutely highest quality. Also, us having injury problems didn't do much to help our cause, but that is not why we lost. We both played a great game, the ref was spot on in handing the only yellow cards to Coentrao(Barca) and Ozil(Barca), but the difference was in the displayed showed by by D. Villa(Real Madrid). He had an inspired match against us, playing better than Ronaldo(Barca), Messi(Barca) and Xavi(Barca). He had a wonderful game and I'm proud to say he was with us. Both Goalkeepers also played well, with Casillas(Real Madrid) proving the more experienced by dealing with more shots. They had to save 10 shots, of which I'm proud of accuracy-wise, and we had 8 to deal with, with 2 slipping through. This is not a big deal, however. This game is worth just as much as any other game, so it shall be treated as such. There wont be a large revamp as some fans may call for just because we lost to Real Madrid. I was not brought here to play to beat Real Madrid, I was brought to win titles and to help the team grow, and that is all I will do.
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