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FANTASY Draft League (FDL)


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Re: FANTASY Draft League

Damn Bayern is strong.

p.s. We can sign players now, the first transfer window has closed.

1. Teams may sign additional players outside the initial 25 after the first transfer window closes.

2. Clubs can conduct player trades between each other from season 2 onwards (due to player transfer ban). All trades should be reasonable in perception.

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

I don t get it. This is third time u said Bayern is strong. Thank you' date=' but I think that all clubs are preety much equal. In fact I see a lot of them stronger than me. Anyway looking forward to the rest of the season.[/quote']

Oh didn't know about that lol. It is not just about line up... getting results is the key. If anything, I'm trying to put pressure on league leaders :D

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

F#!$ me draw with Real Madrid 1-1. According to my Win-Lose-Win-Lose form, it should have been a win lol.

Some quick analysis...

Division 1 looks very tight!

5 league games played, 13 more to go. Top to bottom only 6 points difference.

Manchester United recorded their first 3 points with a win over city rivals, Manchester City.

Lyon / Milan / Bayern - 9 points each

Internazionale - 8

Arsenal - 7

Do you know? Lyon remains the only team undefeated in Division 1.

Lyon's GIGNAC, André-Pierre is the gameworld's current top goal scorer.


Paris Saint-Germain & Juventus are undefeated in Division 2. Sitting pretty at 2nd and 3rd place respectively with 11 points each.

First-placed Valencia leads Division 2 by only a point.

They sums up the 3 frontrunners for promotion.


Mid-week league cup: Fantasy Draft League (FDL) Cup

Fixtures Round 2 (Tue 6 Dec 2011):

Paris Saint-Germain - Ajax

Milan - Roma

Manchester United - Arsenal

Barcelona - Bayern München

Tottenham Hotspur - Liverpool

Juventus - Valencia

FC Porto - Lyon

Manchester City - Atlético Madrid

Results Round 1 (Tue 29 Nov 2011):

Roma 4 - 2 Real Madrid

Manchester City 1 - 0 Internazionale

Milan 1 - 0 Borussia Dortmund

Chelsea 2 - 3 Atlético Madrid

The rest of the teams received auto qualification into round 2.

In conclusion, every point counts!

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

Ian Lim has parted company with Ajax after the manager decided that they have done all that they can for the club.

We thank him for his contributions and commitment thus far, from the drafting times till present. Although it may be not be as long as we wished for, I sincerely appreciate his participation in FDL.

Now, let us welcome our new manager, ponten chiong. Some of us maybe familiar with his other identity, Bon Hog, and a top manager in the other gameworld "HWZ".

He inherit a Ajax side currently lying at 6th in Division 2. Certainly a very strong team capable of challenging for a place for promotion. ponten chiong also promises changes in style from the previous regime.

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

After what has happened after the latest game against Lyon, I can safely say that I'm out of the equation for the title. Will need some serious reinforcements for me to stand any chance of claiming any silverware. And that includes my other team that I'm managing. :(

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

Fantasy Draft League (FDL) Cup - Results

Paris Saint-Germain 4 - 6 Ajax

Milan 2 - 2 Roma (Roma win 4 - 1 on penalties.)

Manchester United 0 - 1 Arsenal

Barcelona 1 - 1 Bayern München (Barcelona win 5 - 3 on penalties.)

Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 3 Liverpool

Juventus 1 - 3 Valencia

FC Porto 1 - 1 Lyon (FC Porto win 4 - 2 on penalties.)

Manchester City 0 - 1 Atlético Madrid

A thrilling 6-4 win for Ajax's new manager.

I'm still in the cup.. next up Liverpool haha.

Fantasy Draft League (FDL) Cup - Quarter Final (Tue 13 Dec 2011)

Barcelona - Roma

Ajax - FC Porto

Valencia - Atlético Madrid

Liverpool - Arsenal

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

I did not include all the young stars as it'll be too many' date=' just picked some of the younger ones that I know of. But I'm sure Roma probably has most and he's proud of that lol.[/quote']

;) I didn't buy any more though..

How's Hazard not there though? :(

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Re: FANTASY Draft League

Gotze is with me, +2 and become first team quality hahhaha.

Damn got my ass handed to Man Sh*tty... might be too challenging to win the league now, think I'll change my focus to winning the cup and stay above mid-table lol. Seems easier, a simple equation, overcome 3 more teams to FDL Cup lol, Roarrrr~

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