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We all love to take credit for finding a genuine unheard of talented player, and will rush to create a thread/report on him, but how sure are you that you're not the first to spot this talent?

Use The Search Tool

Before you even bother writing a report on the player, it's always best to search the forum to see that a report doesn't already exist. Countless threads are created, without using the search tool.


The search tool is located in the top right hand corner of your screen. As you can see above, i put in a search for a player called Yuri Mamute having seen him make his debut for Gremio a few days ago.


The above picture shows the search results. From what we can see, there are no individual threads on the player, however, there is a thread praising a certain Brazillian generation Yuri happens to be part of. So i clicked on the thread, and this time instead of searching the 'forum', i used the search tool located in the top right hand corner of the thread. The search results showed a report already exists on the player, this saved me quite a bit of time creating a new one, and saved me from a bit of embarrassment!

Not all player reports have individual threads, so sometimes you will have to search talent spotting threads to be 100% sure. Also When you do actually create an individual thread for a player, as soon as you type in the Thread Title, if there is a similar thread already created, then it will pop up automatically, so that's another way to find out if a report on the player already exists.

Writing Your Report

So you've done a full search of the player confident enough that a report doesn't already exist, and now you go on to write your report, the underlined word is the key, is it your work? Or have you just copy & pasted information of another website? If you are copying & pasting information of another website, then without knowing you are committing a serious crime called Plagiarism. Now you don't want someone reporting you to the Police do you? So always make sure that it is your work that you are posting!

Hope you find this thread useful, and lastly,

Happy Scouting!

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