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SM Based Dream Team (New Forum Competition)

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Well i've been sitting here a bit bored and have come up with a new game i haven't seen on this forum now i know it's about 1/4 of the way into the season IRL but i feel this could still work.

The Idea

Basically You start with a 130 million Pound budget and you have to pick a team of 11 players within the budget. For Any of you who have participated in dream team games online it goes along the same basis with your players picking up/Losing points for a number of different things for example Scoring a goal or getting a red card In real life . The values of players are the ones that can be found in the clubs real life information section of any Sm this adds a interesting Sm element into the game i feel.

The Rules

  • You Can Pick a max of three players from one team.

  • You Cannot go over the £130 Million Budget.

  • You Can Only have a Max of five players from one League.

  • You Can only pick players from the Top Divisions of the English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, German and Dutch Leagues.

  • European Matches Won't count.

The Scoring

  • 2 Points For Starting.

  • 1 Point for Being Subbed on

  • 3 Points For A Forward Scoring

  • 5 For a Midfielder

  • 7 For a Defender Scoring

  • -2 For A Yellow Card

  • -5 for A Red

  • 3 points For A Clean Sheet (Defenders)

  • 5 Bonus Points for a Hat-rick

Others Will Be Added

  • This does need clearing up a little so will make it neater and easier to understand but i'm in a rush as i have to jump off the computer.

  • If Your interested then please leave a comment i don't know how many people ill be allowing to enter as it could take time arranging and score counting.

  • If Anyone has some questions then please feel free to post here or send me a vm.

Finally please do not pick teams yet as i will be collecting teams and there information/players at the weekend once we have this up and running

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Re: SM Based Dream Team (New Forum Competition)

Not sure im looking in the right place for player values...... :confused:

In one world, I go to man utd, click on RL squad, click on Javier Hernandez and his value is £10.8m.

Another World, I go to man utd, click on RL squad, click on Javier Hernandez and his value is £15.1m.


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