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Re: strikers

1. Vucinic

Juventus are playing brilliantly at the moment, and whilst his international team is never going to challenge for anything, he's still their best player. Probably won't rise, but he won't drop either.

2. Llorente

Athletic Club are playing pretty well at the moment and Llorente's one of their best players. He won't go higher than 91 without moving to a larger club due to the rating cap, but still a decent buy.

3. Nilmar

Villareal are one of the better Spanish sides and are getting European football. Nilmar is one of their key players along with Rossi. He could reach 92 in a couple of seasons with lots of great performances, but he won't drop for a good while.

4. Lisandro

A decent player but Lyon are seriously under-performing at the moment and as one of their better players it doesn't really reflect well on him.

5. Milito

On the decline at Inter who're playing disastrously, don't think he'll drop below 90 for at least 3-4 seasons though.

6. Gilardino

Terrible player at a terrible club - shouldn't keep his rating for much longer. :rolleyes:

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Re: strikers

i cant beleive half of you have mentioned Nilmar :eek: he is out injured and Villareal are playing incredibly poor this season. They are really struggling in CL and Nilmar looks out for a while, i wouldnt consider getting him at all as he doesnt look a 92/93 striker anyways.

i would go for Llorente, always linked with other clubs and is picked for NT regularly.

alternative is Vucinic who is improving a dangerous in-form side Juventus who have a very good chance of winning Seria A let alone gettting back into the CL where they have been misssing for years.

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