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can someone help me?

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Re: can someone help me?

Boateng will get +1 considering Bayern Munich's outstanding form and he is getting played.

Luiz will stay at 90 - he's been injured lately.

Aquilani's been playing alright so far and suits Italian football much more than English. He'll stay.

Pirlo I believe should be 93 really, but he won't rise now. He's a quality, reliable player and still gets played very often.

Van Der Vaart will keep his rating. One of Tottenham's better players and getting European football, but to rise he'd need to move to a larger club.

Sagna is Arsenal's cornerstone. Reliable, quality player who should keep his rating.

Modric is a quality player but he's in the same boat as Van Der Vaart.

Ferdinand should get a -1 now. He's not the player he used to be and is slowly getting pushed out of the starting team by younger talents like Jones, Smalling and Evans.

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Re: can someone help me?

what do you think about the rating changes for my players:

BOATENG' date=' Kevin-Prince 89 - 89/90

LUIZ, David 90 - 90

AQUILANI, Alberto 90 - 90/91

PIRLO, Andrea 92 - 92

VAN DER VAART, Rafael 92 - 92

SAGNA, Bacary 92 - 92

MODRIC, Luka 92 - 92

FERDINAND, Rio 94 - 93[/quote']

these are my predictions, David Luiz did warrant a +1 rise but doesnt anymore, he looks lost at sea everytime he plays for Chelsea at the moment and i personally dont think he is good enough for a 91... yet.

Boateng will get +1 considering Bayern Munich's outstanding form and he is getting played.

he means the Boateng from Milan not Bayern... However Bayern's Boateng will definetly hit 90.

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