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Do You Use 3-5-2


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i wan to use this moment to ask you how can i use 3-5-2 as to have best results, because i discovered on this forum that the best formation that work most of the time is 3-5-2 but i don't know how to go about it, if you use the formation and it works for you, just tell some of the thing i need to include in my formation setting that is Tackling Style Mentality Passing Style Attacking Style Tempo Pressing Counter-Attack Tight Marking Use Playmaker Use Target Man etc If you have use this formation to win any league together with the things i listed above, i will be very appreciative if you can it to me, becasue i have it in mind to win the league in which i am managing a club there, Thanks

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Re: Do You Use 3-5-2

I like to use 3-5-2 as it is quite effective. however, I think one of the more pertinent issues is finding a formation to combat the opponents.

3-5-2 might give you a 3-0 win one week and a 0-3 defeat the next - based on what the opposition is playing. look at your opponents' match results to see what formations have beat them in the past.

one very general guide is if you are a higher rated team, play attacking, if you are a lower rated team, play defensive.

Having said that, I find 3-5-2 with fast wing-passing has good results in lower leagues.

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