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Don't know who to sell. Help, please.


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Re: Don't know who to sell. Help, please.

hey guys' date='

I transfer listed Corchia, Opare, Callejón, Fabrice Muamba, Ricky Alvaréz.

Who do you think i should keep?

I'm tired of waiting for these players do get a rise.. Can someone tell me who has the best chances of turning in the stars of the future?


Well part of the problem are the slow rate of SM's review of leagues (since most of your players are in the big leagues)

Corchia been playing regularly for Sochaux but are currently 11th so may not be in for that big a rise unless they pick up the pace.

Opare is tipped for a rise in the belgian league review maybe +2

Callejon is a talented player-but is is low in the pecking order at Real but has been tipped by posters as having a bright future

Muamba has been in and out the Bolton squad but should improve or remain at his rating..while Alvarez is getting minutes at Inter-so hopefully can do something rating wise and represents Argentina in qualifying.

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Re: Don't know who to sell. Help, please.

Thanks to both of you. i will sell Muamba' date=' Corchia, and Callejón and i will keep Ricky Alvarez.

Opare, depends of the offers.

Take care.[/quote']

well instead of selling them -you should get better values on Part exchange for other players..Opare should get a rise soon with the league reviews.

Callejon is seen as a future prospect-so if you sell him make sure you get someone better or loan him out a bit and see what happens.

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