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Re: SM International Stadium how abt Camp SM Stadium OR Stadium Of SM Champion

Re: SM International Stadium

How about "The Golden SM Arena".

Well we are in the game to win gold medals. (and I'm talking about the Olympics).

Though come to think of it, why not hold the final of the Olympic football in the arena. Better still hold the Olympics in it!!!

Just a thought!!!!!!!!!

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Re: SM International Stadium

I thought a few names were worthy of vomiting myself. :) Thanks for the feedback John' date=' appreciated, seems I was the only one who realised the Australia reference was a joke!

By the way, is it going to be Wembley for WC's cup finals too?[/quote']

can i be credited for this too? I said call it New SM Wembly lol well it said that accidently about 3 times, deleted the other 2 :rolleyes:

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Re: SM International Stadium

As advertised on the My Home page we have added a new large stadium where all cup finals will take place.

Firstly we need some ideas for the name and then we can have a vote on the ideas put forward.

Some names we have thought of at the office include:

SM Arena

SMFA Stadium

Assembly Stadium (said SM-bly Stadium)

The person you puts the name forward who wins the vote will win an SM Tee shirt!

how abt Camp SM Stadium OR Stadium Of SM Champion

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