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Re: Mugshots

SAM ! im living in Bournemouth mate !

Im back for Easter ! april time' date=' me and a pub of your local choice ? in wolves town centre would be best right ?

and Louis, only time im in Brum is in Villa Park, or out on the lash. And unless you have a immense fake ID i doubt ill be seein you in either of those places for a while :D[/quote']

If i douse Scum Park in petrol, and set it alight when there's a match going on, im sure i will be seeing you then. ;)

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Re: Mugshots

woah calm down dia i didn't say you were a chav' date=' i was merely carrying on a little joke

does anyone actually live in middle-class south-east England?

and not all these lower class scummy northern towns

silly coal miners!


Says the bloke who supports Leeds :P is'nt that a northern . . . . . .


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