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Re: Mugshots

Why are you tickling his ear? He clearly doesn't like it. :P

We understand you Uni students cant afford different going out gear... ;)

haha, iv worn that outfit out like a handful of times when im pushing the boat out on a big expensive sat night out !

But great excuse mind !

lol its clearly me busting out the gun pose !

lol, is it mark ? news to me, its also used alot round wolverhampton ! maybe Canadians orignated from Wolverhampton, West Mids, England :eek::P

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Re: Mugshots

Had to' date=' nah I know it's only banter. ;)

And Kev, like Dai and Adam just said, who cares, no-one will take the mick.

I'm curious to know what Ken looks like.[/quote']

I am too ......

Why does everyone want to know what I look like? :o I'll probably put a pic up soon' date=' but I hate having one of just me on my own... I usually don't take pics when I go out either, but I might this weekend or next... ;)

He looks a bit like Adem Ljajic tbh.

Oi, cheeky. I don't think I am anyway. :confused:

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