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Re: Mugshots

I was looking at them pictures of your prom on facebook Seft. :P

You look beautiful ;):o

erm' date=' I'd be slightly worried if I were you right now Sefty..

Heres one I was sent the other day...


I'm the one in the middle standing up, to the right of the guy with the red shirt.

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Re: Mugshots

Shes asking the cow "were's Daddies bling gone to" :P

Or maybe she's asking it where daddy's hair has gone, I swear last time I saw a pic of him he had long hair.

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Re: Mugshots

Thats changed then lol I'v got my left ear pierced' date=' because back in the day before the war :P having your right ear pierced signified you were looking for someone of your own gender[/quote']

Thats what I thought, Ive got it done too but hardly ever wear it. Cant even remember why i got it done. :P (The left one that is) :)

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