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Re: Mugshots

But thier was no need to reply and insult another member' date=' in another instance this could have caused a argument, in future if you have something against someone keep it to PM or just dont talk to them


Please don't lecture on the subject of arguing when your the biggest offender on the forum or 2nd biggest behind me :P

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Re: Mugshots

Some opinions should be kept to themselves and to stop judging books by their covers :rolleyes: I've known Wes a while and he's a great lad' date=' and a lot of Emo's are Even if he is an Emo! Try asking him ¬_¬.[/quote']

Ah but did i say i hate him ? ive spoken to him and think hes a good lad, but i cannot stand to see emos. . they are desgusting.

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