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Sky Blue Lee

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Re: Mugshots

I think the hangover has affected your typing' date=' you typed youngest when it should clearly be roughest :P[/quote']

4 Jaegerbombs, a double Vodka and Coke and maybe 5 pints of Lager, give me time to recover! :o

Set me back a Saturday's earnings for myself, never mind paying for a round for nearly 20 people... :(

Out of pocket and out of whack... ;)

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Re: Mugshots

lol you ALL have the priviledge of seeing this photo.

Its me' date=' and a real life monster, a £20 subway, yes thats right, a twenty quid subway, every meat , doubled, on a footlong.

It was the start of the food challenge which i completed and was in severe pain after ! but worth it

a) Free meal . . . im a student

B) Mates said they would give me a fiver each if i do it under 20 mins. and i did !

35 pound for mmeeeeee :D



Feel free to worship me and the sub

fat boy:D wahay:rolleyes:

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Re: Mugshots

Wait' date=' aren't you Australian?[/quote']
lol Wow!

You don't really look like one :eek:

TBH you look like a India :eek:

You sure your not a cigan :P

And that guy all the way on the right is his name Stefan?

Yeah i live in Australia but i was born in Croatia.

And no im not an Indian :confused:

And thanks good im not a cigan :P

And no his name isnt stephan.

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