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Re: Mugshots You're absolutely minging but I'd smash your wife. Can tell you're one of them funny guys that somehow picks up a tidy bird. Actually I just looked at it again and I was seriously over

Re: Mugshots When did the "bowl" haircut come back into fashion

Re: Mugshots Thought I should upload my pic as well. Well boys, this is me. I'm single, filthy, and willing to travel. So all you 12-16 year old lads who are filled with a little too much testoste

Re: Mugshots

errr' date=' how do i add a photo from my Hdd - i.e with no URL.

Dont tell me, bet i have to import it to some on line photo thingy:rolleyes:[/quote']

Just choose the photo you want on your hard drive go on tinypic and upload the photo you want and it will give you a simple code for forums....


Edit- there's no need to open an account with tiny pic.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: Mugshots

Owww' date=' Ryan looks much older than me when he's far younger :P Anyway, after a long time trawling through Facebook to find a photo where I wasn't being an idiot, here's one where... I'm being an idiot :rolleyes::D I'm normally bespectacled though... and my hair's never usually straightened. In all honesty, it's probably not the best picture to show.


worth reviving to see this picture again

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