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Sky Blue Lee

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Re: Mugshots


Bloody hell it is Ron Jeremy mark II' date=' if you are blessed in the trouser department like he is then that is a bonus.[/font']

Ha well all this pollution of the smog defiantly had that effect on me very much the opposite

I never said Fat!!

Just because you have chubbier cheeks than Markovic don't make you fat and anyway Markovic is a pretty boy I thought you might be pleased!! :)

Besides actually Danc's comparison is a lot better than mine' date=' the food critic from Masterchef who I recognise but can't remember his name.

I only have an I Pad mate and wouldn't a clue how to or probably want to :P

Face for Radio :P. (Na seriously I'm gorgeous :P)

But very very old.......:o[/quote']

I rarely have trouble finding someone to pose for a photo with ;)

What's that above your upper lip? Some people might be confused and think it was a moustache or something.

I concur; don't think you've ever posted a pic' date=' Ray?[/quote']

That is a bit of belly button fluff


Masterchef food critic.

Haha I cant breath for laughing most fun I've ever had on this forum

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