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French Championship 1000


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Re: French Championship 1000

Anyone interested in joining it when it's open?

Would love it to be a forum filled one' date=' despite being fairly new to the forums myself, where its tactics over budget.

Thinking of reserving PSG or Lille.

Anyone up for it ?[/quote']

Saw this post Minutes after it opened, PSG Were there would of Joined mate but Its not going work if your thinking of making it Forum Filled, You posted minutes before it opened, You after post Weeks in advance, Sometimes Months if you want make it a Success, So I wont be joining.

Most of the Forum Filled Game Worlds on here seem to be more Successful down to the Number of the GW, For example look at EC7777 - Maybe if you thought about French Champo 1111, That could work, Always remember .... Weeks/Months in advance to make it a success ! :)

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Re: French Championship 1000

Thanks bud:)

I ended up getting PSG' date=' The gameworld wasn't due to open until Friday, but for whatever reason it opened at midnight :L

But yeah, thanks for the tips :)[/quote']

Yh GW's have been flying out ! - Seem to be opening Every Hour, Every two hours ... I was just going tell you about EC8888 Which should be opening soon, But ive just noticed you have already put your name down ! :)

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