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£10 > £20,000 - Sports betting.


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Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting.

Bet 5 Won

Bank £29.53

Bet 6


Well that was poor from Moldova' date=' they had enough chances, hit the bar and post and had a goal chalked off for infringement, anyway 0-0 it finishes at HT, bet goes down, hope San Marino beat them now haha.

I might have another go later, good luck to the others that are rolling.[/quote'].

Unlucky Dan

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Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting.


BANK : £32.55

Decent roll with the first 5 bets from £5 to £32.55' date=' I back statistics mostly so I cannot not bet the 9am Khazakstan Division 1 game haha, home team have no wins in last 17, away side is 6th place and in decent form, seems a worthy shout for bet six.

[img'] http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr172/sirmarkhughes/b6_zps473f88cc.jpg[/img]

6-1 great win. First 6 bets up, nice going.

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