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New Manager At Real Madrid

Today Real Madrid have put on there website that the club is sad to have lost Portugal manager Jose Mourinho, the ex Inter Milan and Chelsea coach has heded home to coach Porto and press have been saying who will get the dream job, with is on ever managers wish list. Young English manager Mattuie Beckett has been a shock take over for the club, the young manager who is new to the hole managing has signed a five year deal. Many fans are asking who is he, the young coach will be known by Barcelona as he was the coach of there B squad for some time, but he is also know for wining eight cups he has said his first aim is a top signing witch manager would not want to make a impact, names like Robben. Aguero, Ibrahimovic have came to the hat but the coach has said for now the squad is real good and we have no week link we can only get better.

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Re: Real Madrid Blog



Germany Center Back Is First Signing For New Manager

Today Real Madrid have welcomed there first player under the watch of English manager Mattuie Beckett, the player to join was from German champions Borussia Dortmund. German Center Back Mats Hummels signed a three year deal with the Spanish power house and the 22 year old has said it is a dream come true to play for a team like this, fans of the club are already asking were dose this leave Portugal Center Back Ricardo Carvalho and the coach has alreay let them know he will be leaving when a offer of his value is met by a coach. Fans of the club have said the 22 year old who signed for just over a dizzy 19 million will become a top player here, Barcelona have Gerrard Pique and now we have Mats Hummels let the battle begin.


Ricardo Gets Listed As Top Sale!

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