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Aldershot Town Blog - Gold Championship 76

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New Manager In Lower Leagues

Today Divition five out fits Aldershot Town has handed young English manager a life line to a job and signed him on a roling contract. The young coach who was a part of West Ham United for just eight games before getting choped after a bad run of form has won eight cups before that and many fans of the non league team have said that this was the right chose if this squad is to become a better team. The coach has made it 100% know to the fans he will do all he can to stay in a job and he right now has a deal that runs out in 2012 but he hopes to stay longer then that. The new coach has said he has 48 players under going medicals and he hopes to sign then over the next few days, the squad will have a hole new look said Beckett to press this could be what keeps me here, all I know for now is I want to make a impact so the chairman gives me a long term deal.

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